4 Convincing Strategies To Promote Your E-Commerce Startup

Looks like you’ve finally dragged your dreams into reality and opened your own online shop. So what’s going to be your promotional strategy? I mean how are you planning to promote your business or pull it under your potential buyers’ vision?

In case the answer you’re going to utter is still a bit vulnerable, you’ve landed on the correct page. Here you get some amazing tips to promote your e-commerce business and increase your productivity and sales proactively. So let the show begin…

Emphasize Content Marketing

What do you think is the major turning point of your online business plan? Your website content. The more you publish your website blogs, articles, videos, infographics, and photos, the more you make your business visible to Google. This is how you attract more visitors to your site and become Google’s favorite.

For example, if you deal with jewelry, you may write a nice blog headed with “The New Authentic Design Out for Beautifying Your Ears”. Additionally, you post a few pictures of your new handmade design and do the necessary editing to make it appealing to the eyes. Apart from that, you may also involve your contact details, order placement procedure, and relatable product specifications with quality assistance under each blog to make a direct link with your clients.

Set Your Mailing List

If you’ve decided to skip the email-marketing portion from your strategic planning, you’re definitely missing out on a large number of sales. A website gets innumerable visitors in a day and most of them leave without placing any order. The best way to convince them of your products is to grab their mailing addresses and email them periodically regarding your recent product offerings and new arrivals.

However, email marketing is also an inseparable part of content marketing, and here again, you need to set up a few ideas and make a list to send impressive emails to your clients. For example – the recent discount offers, trendy products, upcoming arrivals, your website articles, and etc. can take place in that list. Additionally, you must get some non-product content attached to the email to make it sound less salesy. So your recipients feel valuable and get convinced easily.

Never Ignore the Social Media

Social media can bring the biggest blast in your profit margin within a very short period. If you’re on the right track, you’ll automatically get heightened in the shuffle. The only thing you have to work on initially is choosing the approachable platforms for your business. Especially, the eye-catching platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are great for promoting businesses; but Facebook, Twitter, and etc. also don’t fall behind in the race.

However, you have to ensure that the content or media file you choose for publishing on the social media sites should be 20% promotional. The rest should be based upon some interesting facts that sound interesting to your audience. You may also choose to comment under some relatable blogs and leave certain links of your blogs or articles to attain more contacts. This way you make yourself a part of the conversation and establish your brand on the web.

Get a Strong PR

Newspapers, magazines, blogs are constantly looking for scoops to get highlighted in the queue. So the key to strengthening your PR is getting your business a great story that seems relevant to their audience. The first step to get your story vibrant is understanding your audiences and their inspirations. Additionally, never forget to leave your contact details to improve your PR.

Getting a PR gets easier once you make your pitch clear, concise, and interesting. Starting from a writing service industry to the fashion industry, every business prioritizes this particular aspect when it comes to establishing its brand name. Surprising, the entire process costs zero except the time it takes from you to be done. So if you’re planning to list your business under the ‘top e-commerce companies’ headline, work on your brand promotion and find alternative measures to gain consumer trust.

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