Remote Hiring

5 Top Tips For Employers Embracing Remote Hiring

Remote hiring has become increasingly popular in recent years, with many businesses adapting their recruitment strategies to allow them to secure the finest talent regardless of geographical boundaries. Here are five top tips for employers embracing the remote hiring process.

Consider Online Skills Testing

Incorporating online skills testing into your hiring process is highly recommended if you’re looking to hire staff remotely. Asking candidates to complete these tests enables you to assess and evaluate their skills, allowing you to ensure they’re a suitable fit for the role. Online skills tests can measure soft skills, technical skills, cognitive abilities and even English language proficiency to ensure fluency, comprehension and grammar. Skillsarena is one of the leading online platforms for skills testing, aiding businesses in various industries to identify the ideal candidates for roles at all levels.

Ensure Clear And Effective Communication

Effective communication is essential when you’re hiring staff remotely. Clearly outlining the job expectations, hiring process timeline and the technology tools necessary for assessments and interviews will improve understanding between you and the candidates and help ensure a positive candidate experience. Ultimately, this will help to attract top talent to your organisation. Recommended communication methods include utilising various channels such as email, instant messaging, video conference platforms and dedicated recruitment portals.

Utilise Video Interviews

Video interviews are instrumental in the remote hiring process. They allow employers to assess candidates’ personalities and communication skills, making sure they are a good cultural fit for the company. This information can’t be gleaned from a CV or cover letter alone, with video interviews offering a more rounded view of candidates beyond their qualifications on paper. Skillsarena can provide you with tailored interview questions for your candidates, allowing you to find talent who are most suitable for the role.

Streamline Collaboration Amongst Your Hiring Teams

Encouraging collaboration amongst your hiring team can help make the process far smoother and result in more efficient and effective decisions. Using collaborative tools and platforms can streamline communication and feedback, helping to centralise key information about candidates, assessments and interviews. Taking a collaborative approach enhances coordination between team members and minimises delays, expediting the hiring process.

Plan A Structured Remote Onboarding Process

Once the recruitment process is finished, plan a structured remote onboarding process. This can ensure a successful transition for new staff, integrating them seamlessly into their new work environment. Provide comprehensive training materials, assign mentors and provide regular check-ins to ensure their integration into the team is a success.

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