5 Ways You Can Make Your Home Safer

Your home is where you spend most of your time with your loved ones, and it is also where you keep all of your valuables. With crime remaining a worldwide concern, your home’s safety should be your primary concern.

Of course, you’ve probably already covered the basics. We all know to double check if the doors have been locked, not leaving lavish items in view of perpetrators, and turning off all appliances. However, since burglars aren’t the only thing you should be concerned about, it’s best to have a well-rounded view of your home’s safety,

This means taking a look at any other unconventional hazards that your house may face. These include electrical lines that can cause fire hazards, yards that can pose a threat to your safety, and other factors that can potentially cause you and your loved ones harm.

If you’re looking to level up your home’s safety and security, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled 5 ways you can go the extra mile to make sure that your house, and the people that live in it, can spend their days comfortably and without worry.

Read on to find out 5 ways you can make your safer:

DIY Home Security System

Surveillance cameras aren’t new in terms of keeping your home safe, but if you’ve been sticking to the one you’ve had for years, it may be time for an upgrade.

Technology has improved drastically to the point where surveillance cameras can be viewed from your phones or tablets. It was initially only reviewed at home where footage that’s been recorded can only be viewed from one source, which is usually at home.

Nowadays, modern surveillance cameras offer a wireless feature in which you can get a live feed of what’s going on in your home, as it happens. This is a great upgrade you can have as this will help you keep tabs on all the things that occur in your house.

For example, if any fire breaks out in your home, you’ll be able to alert nearby authorities right away. They’ll come swooping in with their fire hoses, spider cherry picker, and whatever the hazard will need, in an instant.

By doing this, you won’t leave your home’s state up to fate. You’ll be able to leave your house without a worry since you’ll still know what’s going on.

Empty Your Mailbox

One effective way to prevent crime is to think like a criminal. With this perspective in mind, you better start emptying out your mailbox. It might seem weird and ineffective, but here’s why: once a potential burglar sees that your mailbox is overflowing with unattended parcels, they’ll be led to thinking that the homeowner is out of town.

Thus, this makes you more vulnerable to burglaries. If you are actually out of town, you can ask a family member or a trusted neighbour to clean out your mailbox for you. It’s a small, simple step that may effectively boost your peace of mind.

Display Decoy Signs

You know those signs that say “Beware of Dog” on house gates? Even if you don’t really have a canine fellow, it may be wise to stick one on your door.

While it’s definitely better to get a dog, a sign may be enough to deter criminals. Once they think that a large house dog is keeping watch, they’ll be discouraged from invading the home, since the dog can make noise that will alert nearby people and can potentially attack them.

Sleep With Your Car Keys Nearby

Do you keep your keys in the living room? It may be time to keep them in the bedroom with you at night. While you don’t necessarily have to have it in bed with you, we recommend that you have it close by at night.

Apart from having quick access to them when you encounter a medical emergency, it can also be used to scare off potential criminals. At the moment you feel like there could be an intruder, you can press the car alarm to startle them and drive them away.

Keep Your Outdoors Area Clear

You should clear your yard of overgrown shrubbery that can conceal potential burglars. Trim down bushes and trees that have grown too big, as it can also improve the look of your outdoor space.

Ladders and tools should be kept in the garage as well, as these will give criminals a way to break into your home.

Home security is something that should remain at the top of your priorities. Just because you already took precautionary measures before, doesn’t mean that you can’t continually improve them! Consider our tips above to make sure that you and your loved ones are safe in the comfort of your own home.

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