Traffic Control Equipment

A Brief Discourse On The Possible & Effective Traffic Control Equipment

With the roaring population across the globe, the developing and the developed countries are severing facing the wrath of traffic. Australia has seen a drastic change in traffic. It has stood as one of the major concerns of every state. To ensure that there are no hassles, fights or bumping on the road, the concerned authorities have been taking proper and effective measures.

What does the Recent Stat tell about Traffic?

A survey shows that over the last four decades the average passenger cars per 100 populations have plummeted by over 200% in Australia. A matter of bit worry!

The traffic authorities have done exceptionally well to control the cars, bikes that commute on the freeways and conventional roads to minimise the accidents. It is also true that this has been possible only because of the introduction of various traffic control equipment that is used to shed off all the possibilities of congestion and rash driving.

Traffic Control Equipment that Plays a Vital Role

With time and need, all the possible measures have been taken to control the traffic. With an initiative towards this, traffic control equipment has become an integral part of the concerned authorities. The following is the name of some of them and how these has been effective—

Regulatory Signs

These are of very much importance. The authorities use these as warning signs to alert the driver about all the possible construction work, presence of diversion, steep hills, and sharp turns. In addition to this, these are also being used to aware the drivers about the speed limit on the particular highway or road.


When it comes to ensuring that the traffic does not snarl and every commuter remains in his or her lane, then barricade plays a crucial role. The traffic authorities use this barricades as effective traffic control equipment to streamline the flow of the traffic. These barricades also help in ensuring safety to pedestrians.

Warning Signs and Object Markers

The drivers should be notified about what all barriers are present on the road. It is why the warning signs and markers are used to convey the person driving about the presence of intersections, road surface condition, horizontal or vertical alignment, dead ends, added lanes, bridge, highways, bumps and many more. These are one of the most effective traffic control equipment that have helped in averting several cases of accidents.

These can include signboards, plaques or markings on the surface of the road.

Traffic Cones

Another crucial device that has significant importance in traffic management is the traffic cone. This bright orange coloured traffic control equipment is used to channelise the traffic temporarily. This is the reason why it is portable and lightweight.

Variable Message Signs (VMS)

It is considered as the gift of technology. The big electronic display gives the traveller the warning or information regarding any traffic congestion or traffic accident. Apart from this, in urban areas, VMS is used to convey to the driver about the availability of parking space.


The presence of the various traffic control equipment has eased the so-called busy lifestyle. These have ensured a safe driving not only in the towns but also on freeways.

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