A Day In The Life Of An ISO Consultant

ISO is a family of recognised standards for businesses worldwide. Achieving ISO certification demonstrates to customers and stakeholders the business’s commitment to ensuring all their products and services are of the highest quality, customer service is excellent, and the company is able to manage risk effectively.

Any of the ISO accreditations are designed to be flexible in nature, allowing a wide range of businesses and organisations to implement a representative ISO standard that reflects their industry sector. As ISO consultants, we provide practical management systems that are effective and will help your business achieve ISO certification.

What Will ISO Certification Mean For My Business?

The benefits of ISO certification for businesses are many and following the standard’s framework to build an effective Quality Management System will ensure the business or organisation is consistent:

  • Identifying their customers and meeting their needs through continuous development of their products or services
  • Reviewing and integrating internal policies and procedures – the QMS documents – and attaining compliance with ISO certification to streamline processes and procedures
  • Improving their image, brand, and reputation
  • Establishing a continuous quality improvement culture that is company-wide to consistently produce high-quality products or services, as well as the professional development of employees
  • Create partnership opportunities – some companies require ISO 9001 certification to become an accredited supplier
  • Creating a process approach – ensuring processes and procedures are controlled, measured, and repeated to produce the desired results and increase operational results
  • Creating a customer focus – establishing the aim of the business or organisation to ensure customers are satisfied and happy through the process and procedure steps for improvement.
  • Increased revenue, improve operations and reduce costs
  • Improve employee job satisfaction and morale.

At JR Consultants, we provide ISO certification services for the following:

  • ISO 9001 – the most well-known and UK recognized standard for effective quality management
  • ISO 14001 – a leading international standard for environmental management
  • ISO 45001 – helps businesses manage risk and ensure compliance with health and safety legislation.

The internationally-recognized ISO standard can be the difference between mediocre and successful. It can help improve credibility, increase customer confidence, open doors to new opportunities, reduce costs, boost productivity and increase profits. We can help businesses to assess which ISO standard would be the best fit for your service, product or system. With some businesses, we may recommend achieving more than one ISO certification.

We work with businesses to help them navigate the ISO certification process. Working towards achieving certification can be a daunting, complex task. JR Consultants provides the guidance, expertise, and knowledge needed to develop and implement the correct structures required by the standard.

ISO Internal Audits

Implementing a management system and achieving ISO certification goes a long way to improving the control and effectiveness of procedures and processes within a business or organisation. However, in order to achieve continued better performance and efficiency, carrying out a regular ISO internal audit is essential.

An ISO internal audit recommended at least once a year can help companies continue to develop and grow in line with their objectives, with the ability to adapt and change as required, but also provide a safe, healthy working environment for all staff.

At JR Consultants, our highly experienced ISO consultant’s audit team works with companies to not only audit their processes and procedures but also provide valuable guidance in maintaining ISO standards and certification.

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