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A Short Guide To Brand Awareness

When you think of a family-friendly fast-food joint, do the golden arches spring to mind? Does the thought of Disney evoke feelings of warmth and fuzziness? Can you think of a brand that has a piece of fruit with a bite taken out of it as a logo? Brand awareness is everything when it comes to a successful business. You want your customers to immediately think of you when they think about the product or service you offer. Your brand should be at the forefront of your customer’s minds, and good branding can help you connect with consumers on a deeper level. Here is a short guide to brand awareness and a few tips to help you create it.

What Is Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness is a term that describes how recognizable your brand is to consumers. When you’re craving a refreshing, fizzy beverage, does a brand with a bright red background and white lettering come to mind? If you’re in need of new sneakers, do you think of an American sports company with a tick logo? Every business should strive to be at the forefront of a consumer’s mind when they require a service or product your company provides. In order to cement a brand into the subconscious of the consumer, companies need to work on a brand strategy to create brand awareness.

Why Does It Matter?

Brand awareness is important because it helps build trust in your company, it makes audiences more comfortable with what you offer, and it attracts paying customers. If your brand evokes the right feeling in a customer, they are more likely to think of you when they need a product or service you offer. Brand awareness gives your business credibility, which can help you attract new consumers while retaining existing customers. 

How Can I Build Brand Awareness? 

Strong Brand Identity

Good branding can help you convey a message that resonates with target audiences. Consumers want to do business with brands they understand and trust. Create a strong brand identity that accurately represents the ethical values and personality of your company. Give your brand a voice that reaches target consumers and tells them your story. Your visual identity, which revolves around your logo, color palette, and typography, should be incorporated everywhere. From the marketing emails, you send to the uniform your staff wear, make sure your visual identity is noticeable. Anthem Branding offers elevated branded solutions and can help you create attractive promotional products that will get you noticed. For more information, visit

Be Social

Using social media, you can get your brand heard and seen by a wider audience, and your company should be active on at least one social media channel. These platforms can help you form a meaningful connection with others.

Engage And Entice

Create a buzz around your brand by creating engaging, relevant content that entices target audiences. Creative content can help keep your brand in mind when consumers require your products or services. Make posts that reflect your brand’s values and personality to attract new consumers and build your existing customer base.

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