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All The Information You Need To Understand Deep Rock Galactic Crossplay

Co-op players still love Deep Rock Galactic, even after five years of its debut. Depp Rock Galactic is accessible on the Microsoft Store, Xbox, and PlayStation in addition to Steam. You might be wondering if Deep Rock Galactic allows you to play with pals if you purchased the game on various platforms.

Let’s get started by going over the deep rock galactic crossplay functionality in this article.

Deep Rock Galactic: What is it?

Ghost Ship Games created the cooperative online first-person shooter Deep Rock Galactic, which Coffee Stain Publishing released. Two years after the game’s initial early access release in 2018, it became completely available on Steam, the Microsoft Store, and Xbox One. Additionally, it was made available on the PS4/5 and Xbox Series X/S in 2022.

Deep Rock Galactic has gained a great reputation over the years for its engaging gameplay, strong build quality, and committed developer support. On a planet known as Hoxxes IV, it allows up to four players to participate as space dwarf miners who must complete chores and battle hostile alien animals. You can select from four classes, each with their own special skills and gear, and each game run is distinct due to the environment’s randomly generated and fully destructible design. If you enjoy cooperative shooter games such as Left 4 Dead or Helldiver, Deep Rock Galactic is unquestionably a game you should not miss.

Is a Galactic Crossplay of Deep Rock?

Many players have been wondering if Deep Rock Galactic enables cross-platform play because the game was launched on different platforms, such as Xbox and PlayStation. It’s true that deep rock galactic crossplay exists, but not on all platforms.

Basically, based on where they purchased the game, Deep Rock Galactic users were split up into three groups. Only the Xbox and Microsoft Store allow crossplay between the three groups of DRG gamers, allowing them to play together.

But while players from the Microsoft Store can also play on PCs, Steam users cannot use them. The official explanation for this is that the Xbox/Microsoft Store version is an Xbox Play Anywhere title, meaning that if you purchase the game through the Microsoft Store, you will be able to play it on both the Xbox and the Microsoft Store.

If gamers are looking for a cross-platform PS4 to PC experience for Deep Rock Galactic, the PlayStation version is comparable to the Steam version in that it restricts gameplay to other PlayStation owners.

Will the deep rock galactic crossplay Feature Get Better?

Although DRG’s cross-generation play capability allows for play between PS4 and PS5, it is still short from offering true cross-platform support for Deep Rock Galactic.

Developer Ghost Ship Games appears to be aware of this as well. In the season 2 update article in 2022, they stated that they were working on Deep Rock Galactic cross-play across Playstation and Steam or Xbox. No further information has been released regarding the cross-play feature for 2023, but as Ghost Ship Games has stated, they won’t guarantee anything because they are still a small team.

Bonus: Using Fineshare VoiceTrans, You Can Increase the Fun in Deep Rock Galactic

Voice chat is a frequent way for players to communicate in multiplayer games, including Deep Rock Galactic. Effective communication can improve your ability to function as a team with other players. Have you ever desired to use a voice changer to increase the gaming’s enjoyment? In that case, VoiceTrans can be a wise option for you.

VoiceTrans is a soundboard and real-time voice changer powered by AI. Throughout the game, you can select from over thirty different speech effects, including Minion, Venom, and Darth Vader. By combining several audio effects, the Voice Labo can assist you in creating a new voice effect if none of the previous ones are to your liking.

Your audio conversations in Deep Rock Galactic with allies will be more enjoyable with VoiceTrans. Additionally, you can create and transmit voice messages to your squad using any of the more than 1000 AI voice models.

In summary

In a multiplatform game like Deep Rock Galactic, where players are dispersed across many platforms, having a crossplay function is crucial. We hope that this post has cleared up any questions you may have about deep rock galactic crossplay and that you enjoy yourself while playing this amazing game.

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