COVID Graduation

Another COVID Graduation?

Although COVID-19 began to show up globally in early 2020, most of the US continued living their day-to-day life until early March 2020 when schools began to close their doors. Initially it was just days off of school and after it became clear things weren’t going back to normal anytime soon students moved to online school and soon after it became clear that in-person high school and college graduations weren’t going to happen.

Here we are – almost 12 months after schools began to close – on the doorsteps of another graduation season and COVID is still a real concern. However, unlike last year COVID hasn’t crept up on us. Over the last year we’ve found ways to live life even if it is with a bottle of hand sanitizer and a (fun graphic) face mask. So, this year we’re determined that no matter what COVID related precautions must be taken – graduations are going to happen.

For families looking to support their member of the class of 2021 this graduation season, here are a few ideas (from a party/celebration company that specializes in graduation products – for fun ways to celebrate this momentous occasion: 

5 Things Leaders Can Do for Graduates in the Covid-19 Economy

  • Graduation Big Heads: One Build a Head customer said this about getting big head cutouts for a graduation – “These were great! We bought them for our son’s college graduation ceremony! He was able to quickly find us in the audience because of his big head! Great quality!” Not only did this son get to feel the love and adoration of his biggest fan – his mom – but the family got to feel like they were a meaningful part of what could otherwise have been a boring graduation.
  • Personalized Wrapping Paper: This one might seem a bit obscure and underwhelming but just wait until you see the personalized wrapping paper with your graduate’s head all over them. There are dozens of designs available with a wide array of layouts which range from serious to super fun.
  • Cardboard Cutouts: You could take two paths with this one. You could get a custom cardboard cutout / standup of your graduate that everyone can take pictures with. This could be of the graduate as a young kid, in their graduation gown, or of an embarrassing photo. Alternatively, you could get one of the stock cardboard cutouts of a celebrity, comic book character, or movie star from
  • Money: Ok, Build a Head doesn’t sell this one and it won’t really make graduation extra memorable but it will help a new graduate get one step closer to affording their post-college or post-high school life.

No matter how you choose to celebrate your graduate this year, it has been a tough year and certainly not the senior year anyone would have hoped for so make sure you do whatever you can to help make this a special, happy, and memorable experience. Now let’s all hope that the Class of 2022 will have a normal COVID free senior year and graduation.

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