How To Assess The Personality For Hiring In The Sales Team

Sales department is a very important part of an organization as it represents the business. So it can be easily inferred that Sales Department is the face of an organization. They create a bridge between the customer and company. Sales department contributes towards the success of an organization and therefore their vitality cannot be denied at all. So if this department is that important, don’t you think the sales managers and the sales executives must be hired in accordance to the values and customs of the organization? Surely you would agree and that is why Personality Assessment tests are specifically designed for the sales team as well so that only those people could be hired who have the zeal to grow.

Accordingly there are few tests that can be done to assess the sales manager skills. Mentioned below are the same:

  • The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator–This is relatively a popular personality assessment test. Though it is not sales specific test but still it can provide a great overview on four variables of an individual such as Intuitive/sensing, Perceptive/Judgmental, introvert/extrovert and rational/emotional. This test indicates the personality style and then accordingly managers can find the team.
  • Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire–There are 164 questions in the questionnaire which find out about the 16 traits that all the individuals possess. These tests are an indicator of how the various situations of pressure and stress can be handled by the individuals.
  • Caliper Profile Assessment Test – This test is being used vastly from businesses from all over the world. These tests could be done online or on paper and is helpful to identify the qualities related to the job performance. This test helps in providing the clear information on the strengths, potential and limitations of the employee.
  • DiSC – Dominance, influence, Steady and Conscientiousness is the full form of DiSC. This tool is great to assess the style and behaviour of the employee. Though no particular personality style is an indication of a perfect and successful sales person but it can surely predict if the employee in question is a good fit for the organization or not.
  • StrengthsFinder 2.0 – Developed by Gallup, this online assessment test helps in discovering the strengths of respondents. And this further also guides to apply these strengths and gain maximum benefits. While this is not exactly a sales –specific assessment test but it can surely help the hiring managers identify the strengths and improvement areas of sales representatives.
  • Grit–This tool helps in identifying the sales people who are interested for a long term association with the company. The objective of Grit is to find out things with which you can stick for a long time until you gain expertise on it. So if you are looking to hire marathon runners and not sprinters this test can help you immensely.
  • OMG – This stands for Objective Management Group. The tests which are conducted on this platform are specific to sales groups and various roles such as VPs, Directors, Managers and Sales representatives. Though this assessment test could be very expensive but surely it is worth every penny as it gives a clear picture on the best Sales manager hiring as compared to the other tests.

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