Making The Office Safer For Returning Employees

Many businesses have mandated their employees to come back to the office even if it is for a few times a week. With employees returning to the office after such a long time, it might not be the safest place to be. This is because some issues might have been ignored as only a few people were using the office. Now that employees are returning, businesses should ensure they are returning to safe offices. Here are some of the best ways to do this.

Check Safety Equipment

Safety equipment can become ineffective when no one is paying close attention to it or doing regular repairs. A business should ensure all safety equipment is in order before employees come back. For example, all fire extinguishers should be inspected, and all fire alarms checked to ensure they are safe. All railings have to be checked to ensure they are still correctly attached to walls and floors and not compromised by rust and wear. 

Fix Hazards

There are a lot of hazards that we do not notice because we take care of them before they become an issue. When an office has not been used for some time, these small problems grow into bigger issues that have to be taken care of as soon as possible. You might not have noticed any loose cords in the office because they were always taken care of. Now you might because they came loose while everyone was away.

Get it Inspected

Many offices were operating at less than their full capacity while many people were stuck at home or working at home. Because of this, lots of building owners, companies and businesses did not see the need to keep them up to date. 

This disuse might have caused some things to be ignored, such as inspections of the electrical system. All electrical equipment in an office or commercial building has to be safe at all times. For offices and commercial buildings that have been sitting vacant for some time, there will be some issues that an inspector finds when they complete their checks. These issues need to be rectified to ensure employee safety. 

To ensure things are done right, business owners and commercial property managers have to ensure any repairs, improvements and changes are done using high-quality electrical components. Business owners and property managers can shop for these components at a reputable commercial electrical supply store, focusing on those that sell at wholesale prices to keep costs down.

Ensure Thorough Cleaning

At the height of the pandemic, offices were cleaned and sanitised every day. As lockdowns became more common and people left, these offices have not received a thorough cleaning in a few months or even a year.

The issues you have to worry about are dust, mould and mildew, all of which can cause serious complications, especially in crowded spaces.

Preparing an office for returning employees is something that every business and property manager must take seriously. There are lots of issues that might have cropped up and that became worse because no one was there to take care of them.

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What Is No Claim Bonus In Motor Insurance?

When it comes to protection and security, the first idea that comes to mind is insurance. However, insurance has much more to offer than just a safety net. One such example is the no-claim bonus. The no-claim bonus, known as NCB, is essentially a reward for not needing the service of the insurance provider. The idea is simple, you get a bonus if you go unclaimed every year. However, this feature is only available as an add-on.

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3 Web Design Trends for 2022

As the business world rolls through 2022, some strong trends are coming through in the web design sector. Websites are changing, and soon those businesses that are unaware of these changes will find that their website is looking old and dated; and regardless of their SEO capabilities, they will start to underperform as their customers start to look to businesses that have much more appealing website designs. Here are three web design trends that have become popular this year.

Tweaking your design for your target market

It is not only your sales and marketing strategies that should be aimed at your target market; your website should be appealing to those that you are targeting, too. However, in saying this, one of the main trends coming out in 2022 in website designs is to make them as gender-neutral as possible

This does not mean to say that they must be bland or colourless, but that they should appeal to all your target market regardless of age or sex, and focus heavily on the products or services which you are offering to your potential customers.

Having that professional edge

It is important to keep a professional edge, especially when dealing with your website. There are plenty of off-the-shelf website packages available, but it is far better to get a web designer involved with creating your website from the start. 

This is because they will be able to make it bespoke to you and your business; they will be on top of all the latest trends so that your website will look modern and up to date; and more importantly, they will have the knowledge to make sure that it works, is user friendly, and they have access to far more features for your website then you will have. 

Looking for an appropriate web design business to take care of your website and who will be able to design a totally bespoke site for you is easy—regardless of where you are based. For instance, you could have a business in New York but have a web design Cheltenham company dealing with your web designing requirements.

Keeping content clear and to the point

It is important to keep your content clear and to the point. Not only will this make your website easier for your visitors to read and find what it is that they are looking for, but it will also make your website look and feel more professional.

Giving a clear and crisp breakdown of the products or services that you are offering—along with details of your experience as a company and any satisfied customer comments—could also be highly beneficial and will save your potential customer from having to trawl through pages of literature before getting bored and turning to one of your competitors to place their order.

In saying this, it is also very important that your website has your business’s contact details so that those that would like to talk with a member of your team can do so; whether it is by text, email, or the phone. For many people, hearing and speaking to a human can be a big factor that could determine whether a business secures orders or not.

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