Can Office Environment Improve Productivity?


It should be obvious that an office needs to be a pleasant place to work in, but more often than not employers tend to get this horribly wrong. When you provide the perfect working environment for your employees their productivity is likely to increase and your business turnover will see a positive rise too. Below are just some of the ways to ensure that you provide your employees with an office that they will actually enjoy arriving at in the morning.

Location of your office

Although the location of your office is often dependent on your budget, there are still ways you can improve the working environment for your staff without breaking the bank. Avoid office buildings that are situated in narrow streets or areas that are constantly being polluted by traffic; offices with a view of nothing but a brick wall should also be avoided at all costs. Although you do not want your employees to sit staring out of the window all day, it is important that the office receives natural light. Too much artificial light will have a negative impact on the sleep quality of your employees which will, in turn, affect their productivity.

Renovate your existing work space

When the possibility of relocating your office is impossible, there are many things that you can do in order to improve the quality of your existing office space. From simply cleaning the windows to replacing drab blinds, you can create more light in even the darkest work space. Replacing outdated furniture and providing comfortable chairs can also improve the productivity of your employees. When you are on a tight budget you can often locate high quality second hand furniture that will still look like new online.

Ensure you have the correct ambient temperature

The optimum temperature for an office is 22 degrees Celsius – any hotter will send your staff off to sleep. In summer you may need to regulate the temperature with air conditioning, but remember that it is unhealthy to be constantly sat underneath air con units. Even in the winter it is a good idea to ventilate a stuffy office by opening the windows from time to time. When the air in your office becomes stagnant you will often find that your employees will become stagnant too.

Allow your staff to take short breaks

No one should spend all day sat in front of a computer screen. Allowing your staff a short morning break as well as one in the afternoon will allow them to refresh their minds and quickly recharge their batteries. Providing a coffee and tea machine for your staff is always warmly welcomed, but it is also important to respect the need to simply take five minutes fresh air from time to time.


Lastly, ensure that your office is decorated to make it a great place to work. Adding a water feature and plants will set a tranquil mood in the office, and using neutral colours will ensure that your employees will stay calm. Always ensure that your office is clean and tidy, and never be afraid to get creative by hanging artwork on the wall or introducing some interesting light fittings or decorative ornaments where appropriate.

If you are searching for a new office for your business or are considering relocating in order to improve the productivity of your company, consult your local experts. There are some fantastic options available if you’re looking for London based office space in St James for instance located within the in the City of Westminster. This is a great location to not only work, but to also meet and greet visitors and clients to the business. Even if you don’t want to relocate to London, there are many other Office location around the country where you get the very best out of your staff.

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