The Biggest Human Resource Challenges In 2019 For Businesses

What is keeping human resource practitioners awake at night in 2019? HR is a complex and highly underrated function of any organization in the world. Since it is not a revenue generating function, or indeed a consumer facing one at all, HR is often taken for granted. In fact, many small businesses do not hire dedicated HR professionals, choosing to instead tag related work to existing functions within the organization. However, ask any seasoned professional and they will be quick to tell you about the true importance of having a strong HR department. In this article, we aim to explain the challenges that HR practitioners are facing in 2019 and thus their ever-increasing importance to organizations. 

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Today more and more companies are deciding to outsource their human resource departments. And this move has paid off big. It has allowed businesses to grow by leaps and bounds. Managing payroll, doing recruitment, etc. consumes a lot of time and energy. So, choosing to outsource these time sucking tasks has enabled companies to focus their attention on core competencies. This decision has helped companies save costs, and augment revenues thus they have ended up accumulating more resources. The rub off effect of this move has been that both the employers and employees including top as well as middle rung managers have been able to work more efficiently. It has led to asset creation which has further boosted growth of business.

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