Complete Guide On Coloured Diamond Investments

Complete Guide On Coloured Diamond Investments

When investing in pink diamonds the bottom line is to choose the correct dealer of high-quality diamonds to give you an assurance on the standards of the diamonds that you pick and the reliability of consistency of value appraisal over the years so that your investment is secure consistently in the future. However, once you have zeroed in on the best deals available, you will still need to know a lot more about the way to choose the correct diamonds to suit you as an investor. If you have been planning to invest in Argyle pink diamonds for a while, here is your chance to know about this incredible investment opportunities.

Investing in Argyle pink diamonds as a brand

The origin of these pink diamonds gives them the best marketability because of their pure, high-grade quality. These diamonds derive their name from the Argyle Mines of Australia (West) where they are primarily found. They are rare and in fact, the mine is set to be closed by 2019-2020 which makes each of the diamonds restored from this place to be one of a kind and extremely rare. That is the power of the Argyle pink diamond brand. The security of the investment in these pink diamonds is rooted staunchly in the brand value.

List of intensity available for Argyle diamonds

The list of argyle pinks can be further differentiated on the basis of the 4Cs – which consisted of the colour, cut, clarity and carat of the diamond. The Argyle diamonds are consistently graded according to an intrinsic Australian standard. The list of pink diamonds is categorised by the varying intensity of the colour within the various subcategories. The most popular options include

PP – Purplish Pink

P – Pink

PR – Pink Rose

PC – Pink Champagne

The intensity of the colour range also determines the value of the diamonds, where 1 is the highest intensity and 9 is the lowest intensity range. For investors, the rule is to look for intensities ranging from 1-3 for maximum value. The rarest colour for investment quality Argyle diamonds will be the red coloured diamonds which are the rarest of them all.

How the rarity affects the pricing

Almost over 90% of the world’s pink diamond supply comes from the Argyle mines. However, of every 2-3 million tons of diamonds processed from these mines, only about one or two are pink diamonds. The rarity of pink diamonds is shockingly high as can be seen from this production ratio. This makes the pink diamonds much more valuable as an investment option as compared to regular high-grade diamonds. 

There is also a sense of prestige perception with pink diamonds steadily gaining popularity within the world with many celebrities and influencers accepting the value of these diamonds and acknowledging its pride over other diamond categories. The evaluation of pink diamonds is also highly affected by this constant rise in popularity amongst social elites. 

As is clear, the value of the pink diamonds is highly dependent on all of the above factors. As much as you need to find a true dealer to start your pink diamond investment portfolio, it will only boost your decisions if you come prepared with the above knowledge to help you pick the right choices for your investment from the list of Argyle pink diamond collection of your dealer.

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