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When looking for an evacuation chair you must be sure that you get one to suit your specific needs and environment. Whether you are part of a paramedic or rescue team or need a way to comply with Health and Safety requirements, you must be sure to purchase the right evac chair for the job.

Make sure to only purchase from top retailers to make sure that you only receive a product that is fully reliable and has been tried and tested repeatedly. There is a reason after all that these specific makes are a popular choice with both public and private evacuation and rescue services.

Study the different features of the chairs as it is this which makes them suited to particular tasks and environments. If you are looking for an evacuation chair which is suited for emergency use only such as an in store evacuation, then you need look no further than the Ego Evacuation Chair. This chair is a light weight option with a 150KG safe load capacity, with various options to make different inside evacuations possible.It has two wheels and two legs permanently deployed as well as sled style tracks for gliding down stairs easily and with little effort from the operator.

The Ego Evacuation Chair is a great option for both limited evacuation needs, such as a fire safety stair traverser for businesses who need an easy to operate chair that meets the necessary regulations. It can also be used as a starting point for evac chair training, before moving on to the heavier and more complicated options. As this chair is unlikely to see regular use, it also comes with a wall mounting bracket and an optional storage cover to keep the chair it top condition. However, it is always recommend that you regularly check your chair(s) to make sure that they are in good working condition and still meet safety regulations.

The Ego Evacuation Chair has the added benefit of:

  • No kick away back wheels
  • A Comfortable vinyl sling seat
  • A Lap Harness
  • An Automatic brake for storage position
  • A 150kg safe load capacity
  • Operating Instructions being printed on the rear seat cover
  • Coming with a wall mounting bracket
  • An Excellent Price point

The Ego Evacuation Chair has the following specifications:

Weight 13.5kg
Dimensions Stored 141 x 50 x 22cm (h x w x d)
Min Landing size 75 x 75cm
Stair Angle 28 – 42 degrees
Capacity   150kg
Optional extra  Fitted cover

It is highly recommend that you get your evacuation chair (of whatever make or model) serviced at least once a year, without this your chair may not be fit for purpose and your insurance cover may be at risk. Most times evacuation chairs do not further repair or work being done, however, even lack of use can have a damaging effect on both the chair and the tracks, so don’t leave it to the last minute!

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