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Everything You Need To know About Kevin Costner’s Son Liam Costner

If your parent is a famous Hollywood star or actress, you are famous from the moment you are born. Parents who are famous have kids like liam costner. Kevin Costner and Bridget Rooney, who is also an actress, raised him.Liam became famous as soon as he was born. Kevin Costner, his famous father, is an actor and director who worked on Dancing With Wolves. He has won two Academy Awards and one Primetime Emmy.

What does liam costner do?

He was born on November 15, 1996, and will be 26 years old in November 2022. Born in the United States, he is white. His dad is Kevin Costner and his mom is Bridget Rooney. Liam was born in the United States and is the son of famous star Kevin Costner. This made him famous right away, without even having to try out. It has been kept a secret where Liam goes to school, but it’s probably up to Yale standards.

liam costner‘s childhood and school years

This is his full name: Liam Timothy Costner. Born in the US on October 15, 1996. In 2021, Liam is 25 years old. He is American and white. Liam was born to Kevin Costner and Bridget Rooney. Many people have praised the actor’s father.

His dad went out with his mum for three years but never got married to her. The movie Zombie or Not Zombie stars Bridget Rooney, who is the mother of  liam costner and an American actress. Liam hasn’t said where he went to high school or college.

John C. Reilly His father is a famous actor and his mother is an heiress.

Kevin Costner is a star in his field. In 2007, he formed the rock band Kevin Costner & Modern West and started singing with them. He has also starred in, directed, and created a number of hit films and TV shows. Celebrity Net Worth says that the star has a net worth of $250 million.

That being said, Bridget Rooney is the granddaughter of Arthur Rooney. Arthur made the Pittsburgh Steelers into one of the best teams in the NFL. It was left to her, so she is worth $10 to $20 million.

Liam and his father Kevin’s connection with

Liam gets along well with his dad. Kevin wanted to show that he was the father of his child after they were born. Kevin set up a big trust fund to help him after the test came back positive.Kevin thinks that being a dad is the most important duty. He loves his mixed family and has close ties with all seven of his kids. His daughter is 10 years old and his son is 36.

These are his seven half-siblings.

Because his dad was married twice, he has six half-siblings: Annie (1984), Lily (1986), and Joe (1988) with Cindy Silva; Cayden (2007), Hayes (2009), and Grace (2010) with Christine Baumgartner.

Kaitlin is his half-sister from another marriage. born in the middle of the 2000s, Rooney and Koch’s daughter. Koch had four stepchildren from his first two marriages: Wyatt (1986) with Joan Granlund, and Charlotte (1994), William Jr. (1998), and Robin (2000) with Angela Browder Gauntt.

He stayed out of the spotlight and didn’t work in show business.

Liam finished from Oxbridge Academy, which was run by his stepfather. For the school team, he was great at defence, running back, punter, and kicker.

Liam picked a quiet life as an adult, unlike his actor father.

In Northern Palm Beach County, he worked for the high-end real estate company Frankel Ball Realty Group. Liam has sold a lot of huge homes in Florida for a lot of money. His information on the company website is not available right now.

How much money does liam costner have?

Liam may have been a real estate salesman in 2021, but no one knows what he did for a living. We know he hasn’t made up his mind to follow his dad. The boy in question is the great-grandson of Art Rooney, who started the Pittsburgh Steelers. His dad Bill William Koch is also worth more than $4 billion. His stepfather left him $800 million worth of Koch Industries stock. His net worth is thought to be $800 million.


Yes, here are full answers to the most common questions (FAQs) people have about liam costner:

Q: What does liam costner‘s dad do for a living?

Liam is the son of Kevin Costner and Bridget Rooney. Kevin Costner, his father, is a famous actor and director in Hollywood. For “Dances with Wolves,” he won several Academy Awards and an Emmy. Bridget Rooney is an actress.

Q:Who is liam costner? What is his full name? When is his birthday?

Liam Tim Costner was born on November 15, 1996.

Q:What did liam costner learn and do in his early years?

liam costner‘s high school and college degrees have not been made public, which is a shame. I want to know about liam costner‘s family. Kevin Costner is a famed actor, director, producer, and musician in Hollywood. He is Liam’s father. It is thought that Kevin is worth $250 million. Bridget Rooney, Liam’s mother, is the granddaughter of Arthur Rooney, who started the Pittsburgh Steelers. Bridget is worth $10 to $20 million thanks to her fortune.

Q: How does liam costner get along with his dad, Kevin?

Kevin Costner wanted a DNA test to show that he was Liam’s father. After the test came back positive, he said Liam was his kid and set up a big trust fund for him. Kevin loves Liam and his other six kids. Kevin likes being a parent, and he has kids from three different marriages.

Q:What’s liam costner‘s half-family count?

Seven of liam costner‘s half-siblings are from his father Kevin Costner’s two marriages, and one is from his mother Bridget Rooney. These half-siblings were born from his parents’ marriages and relationships.

Q:What does liam costner do for a living now?

liam costner is a real estate agent in Northern Palm Beach County who specialises in high-end homes. He sold a lot of multimillion-dollar homes in Florida, it seems. His page on the business website is no longer there.

In conclusion

Lastly, liam costner works as a real estate agent in Florida. He is the son of Hollywood star Kevin Costner and actress Bridget Rooney. He was born in 1996, and his family is very active in sports and culture. Liam has chosen a quiet life, even though he is very rich and has famous parents.

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