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Everything You Need To Know About Oil Spill Mats

If you work in an industry where liquid, oil, and fuel spill mats can occur then it is vital that you understand how to implement spill control. This includes best practices, what to do in the event of a spill, and which products are most effective at preventing harmful substances from seeping into the ground.

Here is our complete guide to everything you need to know about oil spill mats.

What Is Spill Control?

Spill control is the term given to reducing the risks, likelihood, and effects of potentially hazardous spills in the workplace. These spills can involve any type of fluid that might cause harm to the environment, animals or people but most commonly include oils, fuels, acids and chemicals.

Where Do Spills Occur?

Spills can happen almost anywhere, but there are a number of sectors, equipment and applications where spills are much more likely to happen, including;

  • Businesses within industries such as – construction, aviation and aerospace, manufacturing, food, transport, automotive and motorsport.
  • Designated refueling areas.
  • On sites where vehicles are driving around.
  • Near motor-driven equipment such as generators, plant machinery, pumps, fuel bowsers, groundbreakers, saws, construction vehicles, and tower lights.
  • In areas where the maintenance of equipment or vehicles is carried out.

What Are Oil Spill Mats?

Oil spill mats are an easy, affordable, safe, and convenient way for businesses and individuals to better manage, contain and control the spillages that can occur on sites and in working environments.

They can be laid down in areas where spills are most likely to occur such as under refueling equipment, vehicles, workstations, pumps or generators where they work to catch and absorb any fluids that leak onto them.

Not only do these innovative mats collect and soak up spillages but they lock them away, preventing slips and falls, making the area safer and dramatically reducing the chance of polluting the environment.

Are There Different Types Of Oil Spill Mats Available?

There are a number of different types, styles, and versions of spill mats, some of which have alternative names but are similar products such as spill trays, pads and nappies. A lot of these work in the same way, acting like a sponge to soak up the liquids. However, the downside is that they can be difficult to move or empty without spilling the hazardous content or can leak and overflow when they become fully saturated.

If you are looking to use spill mats, then it is well worth considering Enviropad®. These effective spill mats use smart polymer technology to capture and solidify any hydrocarbons that leak onto them, converting them into an insoluble, rubber like substance which is trapped inside the pad.

Choosing a spill mat such as Enviropad comes with many advantages including;

  • They are extremely safe to use
  • Work out very cost effective
  • Different sizes available means they can be used under equipment of all types and size
  • Contaminants cannot leak out, even when it rains, or the pad is jet washed
  • Cuts down waste disposal costs
  • Can be quickly, safely, and easily disposed of
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