Five Reasons You Should Get Your Business Involved With Conferences

It seems that there are conferences and seminars for pretty much every sector you can think of. This is great news for businesses throughout the UK who are keen to put their brand and their people amongst the other leaders who are in attendance at these types of events. I work in the digital marketing field and there are plenty of conferences dedicated to different areas of the profession, from content generation all the way to analytics and measuring return on investment.

Regardless of what industry you work in, there are likely going to be a number of events you could attend each year; and even better than this would be to have a small exhibition stand in a breakout area to increase brand recognition. For that events you need furniture that increase reputaon of your company for that you can go for table hire which offers you best event and meeting futniture. If you still need convincing, here are five reasons you should get your business involved with conferences Table Hire.

Networking opportunities

Sometimes it’s all about who you know. Competitors don’t need to be enemies, and many actually have fruitful relationships that can uphold the respect of an industry. Give yourself and your staff the opportunity to speak to others in the industry; this has helped us gain new business, new members of staff, and more.

New business leads

If you’re a supplier to an industry, you should be there with a small exhibition stand. Pop up displays and banners should be sufficient in a small space, and you should make sure you have some literature or branded merchandise to give away. You’ll be networking with people in order to generate new business leads, so make sure you have an effective way to collect data. Ideas for this include holding a competition (perhaps through social media) or getting people to sign up for a three month trial of your service.

Quick sales

If you need to make a quick return on investment for the conference cost, why not aim to get people to sign up for products and services right there and then. Have some order forms handy or develop a web system to do this before you set off. Give people a reason to sign up on the day, such as offering a good discount. You might want to do this in combination with a competition, such as offering one lucky new customer an iPad.

Industry authority

If you aren’t able to stretch your marketing budget to cover the cost of a stand space, perhaps you could get involved with the seminar sessions themselves. Conferences often advertise speaker slots where they want industry professionals to pitch an idea to them for a talk. If you can think of fresh content, or a new spin on an existing idea, you may be given the floor on conference day. You won’t want to make it a sales talk as this turns people off, but you can have a presentation slide introducing yourself and your company before you begin.

Scoping out competitors

Finally, a conference provides you with the perfect opportunity to see what your other competitors are doing. People love to shout about the good work they’ve been doing, so see whether you can gain any insights from the case studies they share during the conference. You may also be introduced to up and coming companies which you can keep on your radar in the coming months.

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