How Is RAWS Different From Low-Volume New And SEVS Car Importation?

If you need to import your car into Australia you’ll need to understand the various import schemes or programmes that are available. There are three main schemes in Australia to which importing a car may apply: RAWS or Registered Automotive Workshops, Low-Volume New scheme for buyers importing a new car into Australia and the SEVS or Specialist & Enthusiast Vehicle Scheme.

What is RAWS?

Registered Automotive Workshops in Australia specialise in assisting owners in importing their used cars or other motorised vehicles into the country. Registered automotive workshops are licenced by the Australian government. A RAWS firm will inspect and judge whether or not your vehicle being imported into Australia complies with all relevant rules and regulations for vehicle safety equipment, emissions, cleanliness, safety and other requirements.

Once brought to Australia, your used car will be inspected by a RAWS firm of your choice and inspected for mechanical and cosmetic elements that may or may not meet Australia’s regulations. RAWS firms also work with vehicle owners in making required alterations and can address almost any system on a vehicle to bring it into compliance with relevant Australian vehicle rules.

What is the Low-Volume New Scheme?

While RAWS is designed to deal with the importation of used vehicles into Australia, the Low-Volume New scheme is set up to handle new car importation. Individuals importing new cars into the country must make use of the Low-Volume New scheme. In order for a new car to be eligible for importation under Australia’s Low-Volume New scheme it must appear on the country’s Specialist & Enthusiast Vehicle Scheme register.

Under the Low-Volume New Scheme, a business or individual importing new cars into Australia may bring in from 25 to 100 cars in each SEVS class in any given year. The Low-Volume New scheme isn’t intended for use in large-scale importation of new vehicles, such as cars, into Australia.

What is the SEVS Register?

The Specialist & Enthusiast Vehicle Scheme is the register that vehicle owners must make use of in determining whether their car or other vehicle is actually eligible for importation into Australia. Any vehicle makes and models appearing on SEVS are always eligible for importation into Australia though they must also be taken to an approved RAWS firm and brought up to compliancy standards.

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