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How To Choose The Right Grade Of Paraffin Wax For Your Business

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Choosing the right grade of paraffin wax is vital if you are going to get a great result. Here at Poth Hille, we stock a wide range of paraffin waxes, all with their own unique benefits. Here’s what you should look for when choosing one that is most suited to your application – and how we can help you to make that decision. 

Melting Point

The melting point of paraffin wax determines its suitability for specific applications. Candle manufacturers typically prefer paraffin wax that has a lower melting point, while those making packaging and adhesives often require wax with higher melting points for increased durability. Think about your product during and after the manufacturing process and do your research as well as talking to our team. 


Viscosity is another word for the thickness or flowability of a wax. Depending on your application, you might be looking for a low-viscosity wax that flows easily or a high-viscosity wax that provides better stability and adherence. You should consider the preferred application method along with the desired consistency of the end product when looking at wax viscosity. 

Oil Content

Different grades of paraffin wax can have different oil content levels – and how high or low these levels are will alter its hardness and flexibility. A higher oil content results in a softer wax that is more pliable, which makes it popular for applications such as coating and polishing. Lower oil content, on the other hand, creates a harder wax that is highly sought after for applications where rigidity and strength are required.

Purity And Quality

Ensure that the paraffin wax you choose is of high purity and quality. Here at Poth Hille, we adhere to strict quality control measures and provide wax that is beloved by customers in a huge range of industries. By choosing a supplier who stocks high-quality wax, you can benefit from consistent performance, minimise the risk of defects at every stage of the manufacturing process, and enhance the overall quality of your products.

Cost Considerations

While it’s important to prioritise the quality of your paraffin wax, it’s also essential to consider the cost too. Evaluate the cost-effectiveness of different grades of paraffin wax based on your specific requirements. By balancing performance, quality, and cost, you can make a truly informed choice. We offer paraffin wax in bulk, allowing you to save with every purchase. Thanks to our great industry relationships, we are also able to pass on additional savings to our customers

Supplier Support

Finally, be sure to choose a supplier that offers technical support and guidance throughout the selection process. Our customer advisors are on hand to provide valuable insights and to recommend suitable grades based on your needs. They can also assist you in troubleshooting any issues that may arise. That’s why we are a firm favourite across the UK. 

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To find out more about us and our grades of paraffin wax, please do get in touch with our team today. We can’t wait to hear from you and give you all the information you need to make your purchase with total confidence.

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