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Is Tattoo Removal Effective?

Getting a tattoo is a straightforward process but what happens when you fall out of love with your partner, end up hating the piece on your arm, realise there is a spelling mistake or just do not want to look that way anymore? The trouble with tattoos is that they are pretty permanent. Thankfully to save the holiday accident or the break up from hell, humiliation tattoo removal exists, and there is hope that you can hold your head high once more! Read on to find out why tattoo removal is effective by tattoo removal London specialists.

Getting Rid Of A Tattoo

Since it was proven as an effective way to remove unwanted tattoos, thousands of customers flock to find out about tattoo removal. London has a vast population so don’t worry, you will not be alone in your adventures! It is always a good idea to ask questions before committing to having your tattoo removed. All good practitioners will welcome and encourage questions as they want you to feel confident and happy before the process starts. It is no surprise to learn that the most popular question tattoo removal practitioners are asked is ‘will it hurt?’.

Is Tattoo Removal Painful?

The process is not entirely pain-free, but then getting a tattoo in the first place comes with an element of ouch-factor. Tattoo removal studios are set up to ensure that you experience the least possible discomfort, so they can use numbing creams, and some will be qualified in pain relief injections of Lidocaine. The way we experience pain is different, but most people find that it is bearable – the tricky part comes in extensive tattoo removal as this requires more extended treatment, but the sessions can be broken down into manageable sittings.

Will The Tattoo Disappear Completely?

Removing a tattoo is a process, so you should not expect instant results. The laser used in the tattoo removal process is designed to destroy the pigment from the ink, and then your body will use the immune system to eliminate these particles from the body. Depending on the colours used and the artist’s skills that did the original work, the process of removing a tattoo can take several weeks, even months, but you will see apparent fading from day one. Tattoo removal sessions can be regularly scheduled until the client is happy with the result or the practitioner feels that nothing further can be achieved – however, most people are pleased with the finished result.

Does It Work For Everyone?

You will see a massive difference in patients’ skin tone walking into the studio – and this is a prime factor for success or disappointment. It can be harder to get a good result on people with darker skin tones, and this is purely to do with the science of lasers and how they work. There is always the possibility of minor side effects. The darker the skin, the more chance of hyperpigmentation and burns occurring during treatment, which is why it is vital to work with a practitioner you trust.

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