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Is The Scent Of Fragrance Revival Actually The Same? : Fragrance Revival Reviews

I just gave fragrance revival reviews, a new perfume brand, a try. I made this decision since the bottles of Carrington’s now-discontinued scent, Forever Krystle, are so expensive that I can’t afford purchasing them. The costs on websites such as eBay and Mercari were steadily rising. And although, personally, I believe it to be worthwhile, my wallet did not concur.

I have a special place in my heart for the smell Forever Krystle because my grandmother used it on special occasions when I was growing up. I recall smelling that during a choir concert, Christmas, or even just while I was visiting. It’s one of those strange sensory experiences where you may remember something by using the scent you identify with the individual. Similar to the scene in the film “Anastasia” where the main character recalls her grandmother’s perfume spill on the carpeting and how she would smell it when she missed her while she was away.

I desired a scent that was both familiar and new at the same time. A seller had conned me in the past by claiming to have bottles of the same perfume, but when it arrived, it smelt awful. It was therefore a bit of a risk for me to test Fragrance Revival and to pay the whole price up front without first sniffing it.

The Odour Test

I performed the ultimate sniff test after receiving the bottle in the mail today. I sprayed one wrist with the old bottle and the other with the new fragrance revival reviews bottle. After much consideration, I decided that the answer is yes. It probably smells just like the scent of a brand-new bottle of Forever Krystle. All that was lacking was a sort of musty odour, to which I had grown accustomed because the perfume bottles I was able to obtain are now regarded as antique.

I really believe that anyone who has lost loved ones or even just has a trademark scent—like Calgon’s Moon Petal Musk—should have a bottle of the company’s assortment.

The Price

The 3.4 ounce perfumes retail for roughly $69.99. Because the business is currently running a Facebook ad, the prices are currently more than half off. In most cases, it would be closer to $149. Fair enough, but if you want to be aware of the specials, I recommend like their Facebook page. One bottle can last you a year or more if you use it carefully.

An Excellent Present Option

This might be the ideal item to put in your mother’s, partner’s, or friend’s Christmas stocking if you can recall a period when they were particular about a scent and were upset when it was discontinued. The pleasure of having the same aroma throughout the house that was once connected to so many happy memories cannot be overstated.

Additionally, you may personalise the bottles—I did this with mine. In order for anyone who saw the bottle to know that it was my Nana’s characteristic smell, I had her name put on the front. It is free to do this and will truly show the recipient that you were thinking of them, thus I highly suggest it for gifts.

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