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What Is Michael Brett Kelly Doing Now? His Time In Jail

Tracy Jones used to work as a secretary for Calder Pinkston & Associates. Gail Spencer was the office manager at the law company and had been there for almost ten years, so she was authorised to handle wire transfers. Jones knew how to move money around, but he couldn’t do it without permission.

To get money quickly, Jones was so greedy that he came up with a plan to steal from the firm’s trust account. michael brett kelly, his cousin Courtney Kelly, and his friend Keith Anthony Dozier were asked to help. Kidnapping and stealing were part of the plan, but Gail Spencer was sexually assaulted and killed at the end.

Michael is in Hancock State Prison going through his life term without the chance of parole.

Brett Michael Kelly, who was 19 years old at the time, admitted to killing Gail Spencer so that he would not be put to death. Kelly had to say bad things about Jones, Courtney, and Dozier as part of the deal.

Tracy Jones and Courtney Kelly took the same plea deal as Michael and admitted to felony murder. The judges in Bibb Superior Court gave the three of them life sentences in November 2013. Courtney could get released. According to 41 WMGT, District Attorney David Cooke said:

We are thankful that three of the four suspects were found guilty in the case of Gail Spencer. This is good for her, her family, and the community as a whole. This lawyer got sick early this year, and we would have finished with these people about a month ago.

Keith Anthony Dozier went to court. Dozier got life in prison without the chance to get out, just like Tracy and Michael. Dozier made an appeal to the Georgia Supreme Court, but they confirmed his murder conviction and life sentence in prison.

Michael has not challenged his plea or sentence, according to the records. In the event that he is not transferred, he will spend the rest of his life locked up at Hancock State Prison.

Keith Dozier said he tried to keep Michael from killing Gail in court.

Keith, Tracy, and Micheal drove to Gail’s house on October 5, 2012. Tracy tricked Gail into letting her into the house by saying she had to go to the toilet and call someone. Tracy was someone Gail trusted and knew she could count on, so she let Tracy in.

While she was inside, Tracy texted her boyfriend Micheal to come in. Michael and Dozier broke into the house while wearing ski masks and checked to make sure no one else was there. She texted her boss from Gail’s house to let them know that Gail was sick and couldn’t come to work.

Tracy drove Courtney to the law business, where she moved about $885,000. The money was put into accounts in Courtney’s name. Michael and Keith tied Spencer to a chair at home.

Michael, who had a gun, raped Gail and tried to smother her with a pillow. Michael tried to kill Gail but failed. He then left the bedroom and talked to Keith, who said he tried to stop Michael. With a trash bag, Michael went back into Gail’s room and choked her.

At 4:00 p.m., they left the house. People in the neighbourhood thought something was wrong when they saw Gail’s dog outside, but she had agreed to let the dog in. Gail was already dead when the cops broke into the house.

Courtney ran away with the money without giving it to Tracy. This made Tracy send two more wire transfers, which added up to about $1.3 million in stolen money. A tip took the police to Michael, who told them about his partners.

Keith said that killing Gail wasn’t part of the plan. He also said that Michael forced him to stay while he raped and killed Gail.

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