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Most Important Features Of The VW Camper Conversions

The thrill and fun one can experience by travelling on roads in a camper van is something that can’t be traded for anything else. Besides, it’s almost like carrying your entire home inside a small minivan, starting with a bed, dining table, toilet, kitchen, and so on. A van camper was first introduced by Volkswagen and post that, several other brands have also launched this amazing vehicle for travellers.

However, the campers have a myriad of features, starting with off-road wheels to solar panels at the top. Therefore, you need to look more into these features and then decide which van will meet all your travel requirements. A road trip is itself difficult and very much tiring. On top of it, if you do not get comfort from the camper van, there is no point in investing so much money in it.

Bearing this in mind, we have introduced some of the most important features you should look into the camper conversions.

Ability To Travel On Off-Roads

The first feature you need to check is the ability of the listed VW camper conversions to travel on off roads. Most times, you may need to cross roads washed by a small stream or uneven surfaces covered with small to medium-sized rocks. If your chosen camper has normal wheels, they will be punctured as soon as they hit the rocks. Moreover, such wheels won’t be able to offer the traction you need to cover such surfaces.

Strong And Sturdy Chassis

Another most important fact that you should consider is the strength and durability of the camper’s chassis. If the frame is not strong, your van may easily get damaged from any kind of impact like a tree branch, rocks, and so on. Moreover, with a stronger chassis, you will have better protection on the insides.

Solar Panels And Energy Reservoir

As the VW camper conversions are getting more advanced, you can look for models having solar panels on the roof. This will help you save a lot of money on buying extra sources of power like commercial van batteries. Besides, make sure that an energy reservoir is also connected with the panels as that will store the excess energy so that you can use them during the night or when the sun’s energy is not available in enough quantity.

Reinforced With Multiple Uplifts

The uplifts like a camper shade, the extra uplifting roof at the top and so on will play an important role in camping. You don’t have to set up a tent for the night as you can easily convert the van into the camper. Besides, while travelling on roads filled with boulders and rocks, you can use the base uplifts also.

Final Thoughts

These features will improve the efficiency of the conversion campers by ten folds. However, these aren’t the only features you should look for. You must go for a van having modular furniture, ample storage, proper water supply, and so on.

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