Moving To North Carolina? 5 Ways To Get Cheap Furniture Before The Big Move

Whether you’re choosing between log homes for sale in North Carolina or looking for a home in the city or suburbs, after the cost of the home itself, one of the biggest expenses that you’ll have is purchasing furniture. Getting quality furniture doesn’t have to break your budget, though. You can find a number of affordable ways to acquire decor that will suit your style and meet your needs.

Estate sales

One great way to pick up affordable furniture is through estate sales. When people die, their heirs may sell some or all of their belongings. Some people also have estate sales when they’re moving far away or downsizing. Estate sales are often held in the owner’s home, and may be advertised through social media, on selling sites like Craigslist, in community newspapers, or through signs. Sometimes the sales start off with the highest asking price, but the sellers lower the prices as the sale progresses. Going early can ensure you get your pick of the items, but you may get the best prices possible if you wait until near the end of the sales period.

Liquidation outlets

Check out furniture liquidation outlets for another affordable way to expand your household decor. When a business closes, the owners may need or want to sell off their remaining stock to pay bills or increase their profits. Sometimes, the merchandise is picked up by liquidation outlets at a discounted rate, enabling the liquidators to pass on the savings to consumers. This is a great way to get quality furniture at affordable prices. Because the stock will vary with these outlets, you should start looking early and make a regular habit of checking for stock updates. 


Auctions aren’t just for livestock, houses and art. Sometimes, people who are downsizing or those who have inherited household goods may opt to sell them through an auction. A list of the items up for auction is often available in advance, allowing you to do some research on the potential value of the items you’re interested in and set a budget. Also check out tips from experts, especially if you’ve never participated in an auction before. Many experienced people go to auctions and to get a good deal, including vendors who intend to resell the items they are purchasing. Check out local and online auction venues for dates when items of interest to you are on sale and familiarize yourself with the purchasing protocols so that you’re ready to cash in on some great deals. 

Garage sales

Some people love the convenience of garage sales. They can stay at home, put out the items they no longer need, and let sellers come to them. Yard sales are popular during the spring and summer, when the weather is good. Some towns have community yard sale days, and yard sales may also be hosted by churches and community groups to raise funds for a good cause. Yard sale shopping is all about the luck of the find. Often, you won’t know what’s available until you stop in and take a look, but they can be a great way to find used furniture at reasonable prices. Sellers also often lower prices as the sale progresses, so don’t be afraid to barter. 

Second-hand purchases

At times, people are replacing their own furniture or have inherited items they don’t need. When they don’t wish to host an auction or estate sale, they may opt to sell their used items directly. A number of websites and apps give individuals the chance to post items for sale, including Craigslist, LetGo, OfferUp and eBay. Some of these sites allow you to search for items locally. This can be a great tool for those who are interested in picking up items on their way to their new home in North Carolina; you can search for the furniture you need along your driving route. This will expand your shopping area and increase your chances of finding the items you’re looking for without breaking your budget. 

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