Top 5 Attributes of A Good Mentor

The term, “no man is an island” is especially true for an entrepreneur. All entrepreneurs can benefit from a mentor, both new and seasoned.  Finding the right mentor can be challenging. We all have blind spots, things about ourselves that we do not really see. It is to our benefit as business owners to have someone who is willing to tell us the hard stuff.  It might be something like I need to improve my work ethic if I am serious about starting or growing a business, or maybe I do not come off as genuine, or my customer service needs work. As a new entrepreneur in a traditional business (Medical Billing), I sought out help from our local chapter of Service Corps of Retired Executives or SCORE.  I was looking for some guidance for my new start up. I was a little dismayed when the gentleman that was assigned to me told me I probably would not be successful. I basically told him, with all due respect, I do not agree with you, and that I WOULD do it! I proved him wrong! This is not to say that SCORE is not a good resource, but for me it was a good lesson learned!  Finding the right person is like mining for gold!

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