Repurpose, Renew & Recycle When You Renovate

Repurposing has increasingly gone popular in the UK, people are talking about being green, discussing about recycling, reusing, and donating. All these practices can also be used in renovating a house too. There are so many places and opportunities around us in our house where we can apply them. These include recycling of industrial waste, boiler servicing Islington and other such process.

Are you renovating and thinking to buy a brand new cabinets, new carpet and new counters? Is it wise to change them all, please rethink? It’s going to cost you too much. Go for repurposing and reusing items as this help you save money. Repurposing means taking an item and changing its use. More people are participating in Repurposing their belongings because it is an eco-friendly approach. Repurposing can help in reducing the amount of waste that goes into landfills and also reduce the amount of raw materials used in new items.

Get inspired by creative ideas or think out of the box, keep your mind open for new ideas and set a benchmark. Sometimes cleaning and few touch ups can help. But for major aesthetic changes you need not to rip of the whole thing. If you think of 10 creative ways to renovate out of which most of them will be inexpensive ways, let us have a look on few ideas:

  •  It is always not necessary that while replacing you buys new cabinets. You can go for used cabinets which are in good conditions and matching up with your choice. There might be few couples who are renovating and are interested in selling their window frames or kitchen cabinets which are in perfect shape. So while one home is getting new materials for renovation as an upgrade, the older repurposed materials may just be an appropriate upgrade for someone else.
  • If you find a burn mark on butcher block counter you can consider putting some decorative tiles on top and call it inbuilt trivet instead of changing it all.
  •  You have an old wooden coffee table with too many scratches and marks on top. Do not discard it, fix it with paint. Use floral stencils to block the wood finish while the whole table can be painted white. This will result in earthy looking flowers on white table top.
  • Instead of buying new carpets you can think of dyeing them first.
  •  If the color of your dishwasher does not match with the kitchen counter, no need to buy a new one. You can simply change just the front panels which can go with the kitchen cabinets.
  •  Kitchen cabinets which you want to discard can be reused in your bathroom.
  • You can possibly make a medicine drawer cabinet out of it by giving few touch ups and fix a mirror in front.

It might be a case that you have certain antique pieces of furniture which are in good shape. You may find that they cannot go with your new contemporary house and you are not interested to keep them with you anymore. Wait, do not discard them, reselling can be a better option. If you have already moved into your new house and cannot find a buyer, you may use self storage facility. Self storage in London and other parts of the UK is so affordable and easily available that you will not find it as a big issue

Reusing results in zero energy or carbon dioxide emissions. This practice can help our earth from heating up as there will be fewer items out there to decay. Feel proud in accepting these eco-friendly methods not only in renovations but in all spheres of life and go on sharing this approach to everyone around you. You will notice, being eco-friendly makes you emerge as more creative, sensible and responsible person.

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