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Six Ways To Create Compelling Content From Customer Surveys

Creating content for your website and SEO campaigns is hard work. We should know – that our clients are constantly taking advantage of our SEO content writing service UK  for that very reason! It’s all well and good starting off your blog or link-building campaign when enthusiasm is high and you’re bursting with ideas. But as the weeks, months and years pass by, coming up with new ideas for content becomes increasingly challenging.

If you are running short of ideas, one solution is to conduct a customer survey. You can use the results of a survey to come up with many types of original content, and here are some of the best.

1. Press Releases

A press release is the simplest and most obvious type of content that you can create using the results of your survey. The best press releases point out something interesting or previously unknown, so try to frame your survey in such a way that it generates more interesting results, and this can help to boost the amount of publicity you receive.

2. Videos

Take advantage of video content as well as written content. For example, you could interview the CEO to get his or her opinion of the results, which will show customers that their opinions really do count as well as make for an interesting feature. You can then post the video on your website as well as to video sharing sites like YouTube.

3. Case Studies

If you find some particularly interesting results, you may want to ask some of the participants of the survey if they would like to feature in a case study. You can then interview them further using the information they provided in the survey to flesh out a really compelling case study that could help to bring your services to life and win you more clients.

4. Guest Posts

Guest posting is a fantastic way to improve your brand visibility and build links pointing back to your website. Blogs and websites are always looking for unique content, and you will be able to provide them with exactly that using the results of your survey. After all, you have unique information that is not available elsewhere, along with real-life facts and figures, which is the perfect material for guest posting UK.

Write a few different articles based on various results from your survey and find homes for them on a variety of leading industry blogs, and you can generate some powerful links with blogger outreach services.

5. Infographics

Infographics remain a popular form of content, so use the results from your survey to create one of your own. Pick out the most interesting points and hire a designer to illustrate them, and you could find that this proves to be an excellent source of linkbait.

6. White Papers

If you manage to generate some interest from your other forms of content, it is a good idea to make a detailed white paper available. Anyone who is interested can then download this white paper from your website, or read it on a document sharing site like Scribd, and get full access to the in-depth results along with graphs and illustrations.

Think Up Your Own Survey

If you are lacking ideas for your web content, a survey is a surefire way to generate interesting content ideas for weeks or months to come. And remember, the above is only the start. You can also use the survey results to create an email autoresponder series, social media posts, presentations that you can post to SlideShare, podcasts, webinars and more. So think up your own survey today and get inspired to produce some compelling content!

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