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Steps We Can Take To Make Truck Driving A Viable Career Option For The 21st Century

The American Trucking Association reports that there is an acute shortage of truck drivers. Despite a large number of open vacancies for truck drivers, the number of applicants is surprisingly low, according to Houston Truck Accident Lawyer Greg Baumgartner. The primary reason for this unavailability of truck drivers is the hard to manage trucking lifestyle. In this modern age, people are no longer willing to accept the tiring schedule. They think that the job of a driver will not give them enough time to visit their families frequently and their social life will be adversely affected.

Well, it is right that the job can be tough. For making the position of the truck driver a more attractive proposition, you need to make the offer as attractive as possible. Special effort is required on your part to make prospective applicants realize that truck driving can be an appealing and interesting career choice. Here are ways to go about doing this.

Increase the Pay

If the job has good income potential, it can attract more candidates to the position.  If you want to hire truckers, offer them a handsome salary package that they can’t get elsewhere. The more attractive offer you make, the more likely the drivers are to join your company. Increasing the pay can be a practical solution to hiring more drivers.

Offer Signing-On Bonus

The signing-on bonus is another way to make people think becoming a trucker is a good idea. Offer them a tempting signing on bonus, and the instant cash hit will encourage job seekers to apply.

Decrease Road Time

If you limit the road time, the drivers will get to spend more quality time with their families. It will resolve the lifestyle issues that plague the job of a driver, and more people will apply for the opening position as a result.

Change in Legislation

A driver has to be at least 21 years of age for driving a truck from state to state. It may be a good idea to lower the age limit for drivers in-state, so that the drivers that are 18-20 years of age can also apply. Many of these younger individuals are unemployed, and they are looking for new job opportunities.

It is clear that some changes need to be made to tackle the problem of driver shortages. If the companies increase the salaries and reduce road time, more people will choose truck driving as their profession.

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