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Tneb Online Payment – Ensure Thorough Safety

It is highly crucial that when you sit on your computer or use your smartphone for TNEB online payment you do it the right way. Payment for utility bills like that of electricity and gas can be done from the brand website of the service provider or through a payment processing platform like Paytm, PhonePe or MobiKwik.

When conducting transactions pertaining to TNEB online payment, it is important that you take into consideration the safety aspects and read through all mentioned instructions carefully before starting the payment process. Here are certain things that you need to take care when making payments online:-

  1. Preferably use a credit card instead of using your debit card or the Netbanking. In recent times, using an e-wallet is one of the safest methods of making online payments. 
  2. If you are aware of the site address, ensure that you type out the URL rather than clicking on a link. By doing this you will also save yourself from being led into poisoned links that are present in plenty on the internet.
  3. Instead of using a public computer you should use your smartphone or a computer terminal at home. Use a secured private Wi-Fi network or your Mobile data from on the smartphone rather than using a publicly available free network. Even paid public Wi-Fi like that in a cybercafé is not advisable for use while making TNEB online payment.
  4. Ensure to always password-protect the payment system and never share the password with anyone. Do not save the password on your mobile phones. If there are too many Apps and multiple accounts it is advisable to use a professional password manager. Use antivirus software to ensure that the hardware and the software system are protected well. Also avoid putting plain text in the password – rather use alphabets, numbers and characters for robust passwords. Avoid using the same password for all accounts.
  5. Always remember to logout of banking and online payments sites and Apps before you leave your system or handover your phone to another person, even if he or she is the closest people in your life.
  6. Do not download apps from any random source. Verify the source thoroughly before downloading. Read about the developer and the owning company and also browse through reviews online. If you are still unsure, then abstain from downloading the app. For installing apps of third party payment processing platforms like Paytm, MobiKwik and PhonePe, try and carry out the download from their official sources.
  7. When you make TNEB online payment uses either the TNEB official site or use a third party who has a credible reputation in the market. This is because TNEB and the reputed resellers will invest heavily in making their virtual infrastructure strong and well-protected from hacking activities. If you have any doubt about any service provider it is better to avoid using the site or App. 

Online payments via advanced technology are for our benefit. We should use the facility responsibly so that we are able to reap the benefits properly.

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