Tools For The Shed – The Dewalt Portable Table Saw

Every keen carpenter or professional woodworker should make room in the shed for this versatile, portable table saw that is so easy to use for all types of woodworking tasks. The integrated power saw and table top workstation is manufactured to the high standard that typifies every Dewalt product. It is an affordable, heavy duty saw which has a weight of 22kg. This figure includes the lightweight but strong aluminium frame which provides the saw with a superior stability when the machinery is in action. The motor of the saw has a 1850w output providing powerful, efficient cutting which is designed to increase productivity.

Superior Saw and Mechanism

Dewalt has incorporated a traditional fence system with a rack and pinion mechanism. There is a fence lock at the front and back of the saw for safety and accuracy when the twenty-four tooth saw is in use. The maximum speed of the blade is 3800rpm. The blade has a 25cm diameter with a bore of 3cm. The maximum cutting depth at an angle of 45 degrees is 57mm while at 90 degrees it increases to 77mm. When cutting sections from large panels the fence mechanism ensures the surfaces are cleanly cut. The saw has a right-sided ripping capacity of 610mm and 315mm on the left. The bevelling capacity is set between minus three and 48 degrees. The saw also features a bevel lock and an adjustable scale. There is an additional parallel fence and a mitre fence which enable versatility through every type of woodworking and cutting task.

Enhanced Machine Protection

It can be difficult trying to saw through timber that has become wet and frozen or if it has a particularly hard and dense texture. However, the Dewalt portable saw has an overload mechanism that’s designed to protect the tool from accidental damage. The workstation is also equipped with a roll cage made of steel to provide additional protection against the damage caused by impacts in a busy workplace. The robust stand has concealed, comfortable handles that allow it to be pulled into position with relative ease wherever its services are required. The unit also incorporates large wheels to help negotiate kerbsides and steps in safety.

Practical Features

The saw has an inbuilt dust port that can be connected to a portable dust extractor to help alleviate the dangers of breathing in clouds of wood dust. When transporting the workstation, the stand has a quick release lever mechanism that folds the legs beneath it. The stand is of a strong, reliable aluminium construction that is reliably tough to withstand long-term wear and tear. Other types of saw can be fitted to the stand through the use of universal brackets. When not in use, the unit can be stored in an upright position in your shed. Contact Data Power Tools if you need an affordable Dewalt portable table saw.

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