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Trade Me As Popular As Controversial

Trade Me ( is a New Zealand based largest auction website founded by an entrepreneur Sam Morgan in 1999. Headquarters of Trade Me are situated at Wellington and its corporate offices are present in Christchurch and Auckland. In 2006, Sam Morgan Trade Me to Fairfax Media who is the current owner of the website. The company was publicly listed as a separate entity on 13 December 2011 with the name “Trade Me Ltd.”. There are several subsidiaries of Trade Me which works under the company such as Travelbug, Find Someone, Holiday Houses and Safe Trader.

Trade Me website is among the top 2000 websites of world as per Alexa ranking and it becomes the fifth most visited website in whole New Zealand in 2015. According to the reports of 2015, Trade Me has 3.7 million active users on their website. According to which, per day visit of Trade Me is around 878,000. The company also added some of the best features for their auction website such as auto bidding, buy now and Safe Trader Escrow services. Several online payments accepting gateways are also integrated with Trade Me such as through bank transfer mode. Recently, Trade Me added a Pay Now button, by using which the bidders can accept the payment through the credit cards. For more payment related queries, contact the officials at Trade Me Phone Number.

About the founder Sam Morgan

Initially, the founder of Trade Me worked as a technology consultant in a UK based accounting firm Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited. The establishment of Trade Me is quite different as the 23 years old founder want a heater for his flat in the Wellington city. After a huge searching on the internet, he was not able to find a heater. After that, he decided to call the company officials, but they said that the particular item is out of stock. This thing motivates Sam Morgan to launch its own online trading website for the country and within the first week after the launch, 115 people started trading on the website. It took only 4-6 weeks to design the website and get it live. After certain ups and downs, Trade Me becomes the one of the largest and best online trading website in New Zealand and Australia too.

Trade Me Controversies

As other trading websites there are several fraud cases have come into notice. Many fraudsters started looting people on the name of Trade Me which leads that people start losing faith in Trade Me. After that, the management took several steps to remove these fraudsters from the website. In 2005, they only allow the people from New Zealand and Australia to register & trade. This step impacts many international customers, but it is necessary to stop the fraud. Moreover, only verified customers with valid street address, email id and phone number are allowed to register on Trade Me. To support the customers in any type of fraud or similar problems, they set up a customer service department. Customers can easily contact the concerned department at Trade Me Contact Number.

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