What Caused Tracy Brown Bering’s Death? Her Untimely Demise

Jodi Arias ends Lifetime’s Bad Behind Bars with the words, “In loving memory of tracy brown bering.” Because Tracy Brown’s death in early December 2022 was not widely publicised, most individuals who followed Jodi Arias’s tale were unaware of it. Many viewers were taken aback when she revealed her death at the conclusion of the true-crime thriller.

Jodi’s attractiveness and charisma captivated Tracy, drawing him into the murderer’s devious scheme. During the five months Tracy and Jodi shared a cell at Phoenix, Arizona’s Estrella Jail, Tracy developed feelings for her. Before realising that her former cellmate was a skilled manipulator, she was one of Jodi’s strongest allies.

Tracy took too many drugs after struggling with depression for a long time.

Tracy Brown’s mother Yolanda Ducharme posted on Facebook on December 3, 2022, announcing her daughter Tracy’s passing: “My daughter Tracy passed away today.” For our family, kindly offer up prayers.

“Depression took her; I couldn’t fix her,” Yolanda continued. I miss you, Tracy. I cherish you. You were stolen from us by depression. I make an effort to get by each day. I think I will someday comprehend, but I’m not sure when. My darling daughter, may you rest in peace with God. I adore you.

Tracy experienced severe sadness that was made worse by the illness of her wife and the animosity she encountered from Jodi Arias’s supporters. Donovan Bering, Tracy’s spouse and another Jodi Arias victim, is battling cancer.

Understanding Crime was informed by Tracy’s sister Crystal Rider that Donovan forced Tracy to take her own life. Rider stated that following a confrontation with Donovan, Tracy overdosed on medication. The rider stated:

“Donovan told relatives and investigators that he knew my sister was going to kill herself. Donovan threatened to make my mother’s life miserable just because she was getting in touch with the coroner and detectives.

She claimed that after “decades of hate, pain, and lies,” the family no longer had respect for Donovan. From the outside, Donovan and Tracy appeared to be in a loving relationship. Late in November 2022, Tracy posted the following on Facebook:

“Happy Thanksgiving to all of my loved ones, especially to my incredible wife who, despite having recently undergone cancer surgery, has more than stepped up to the plate while I’ve been sick. Donovan Bering has the nicest wife ever. I really do appreciate everything you do, and I love you so much!

Tracy Brown believed Jodi wanted to commit suicide, so she had her name tattooed on her.

Jodi was neat and considerate, which made Tracy think she was the ideal cellmate. Jodi, moreover, had an angelic voice. While we were both in prison, Tracy would sing to me every night, according to Jodi Arias: Cellmate Secrets.

Tracy got a tattoo of a bird and a musical note for this reason. Inside the bird, tattoo artist Jodi etched her name. Jodi told Tracy that she was going to commit herself, so Tracy consented to get her name permanently inked on her body. Tracy clarified:

Because I thought Jodi was going to commit herself, I consented to let her write her name on my leg. I desired a memento to commemorate this buddy with whom I had become so close in a brief period.

Tracy went on to say that Jodi probably made up her story about wanting to kill herself. Donovan Bering and Jodi were housed in the same cell at the Maricopa County Jail for six months. Tracy and Donovan first connected at Estrella and started dating.

Donovan took over Jodi’s social media accounts after he was released from prison. She attacked the prosecutor and the media while standing up for Jodi. Donovan informed ABC in April 2013 that Jodi was the target of media bias:

Knowing her, I find it quite difficult to accept what transpired. I have never once witnessed her yelling, raising her voice, or doing anything else. Therefore, it astounds me to be sitting in court knowing the person I know, seeing her, conversing with her, and witnessing her immense compassion.

When Donovan began talking to Jodi’s mother, the couple’s opinion of Jodi was altered. Donovan said to Heavy, “She [Jodi] didn’t really care about anything or anyone but herself.” “You suffered when you crossed her in any manner. She just saw friends as tools to help her achieve her goals; she had no idea what a true friend was

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