Web Hosting

What Is Web Hosting?

It is a service that permits individuals and companies to post a website or a web page on the internet. A web host, or a web hosting service provider, is a company that offers the services and technologies that enable a web page to be viewed over the internet. Websites are hosted, or stored on servers. This allows the users to view the page by typing the domain into the browser. 

Subsequently, the computers will connect to the server, and the website will be delivered through the browser. Most web hosting companies require a domain name to host with them. In case you don’t have a domain, the best hosting providers will help you acquire one.  

How to Choose the Right Web Hosting Plan

Due to competition, there is a lot of web hosting option available. To identify which package would be the best suited for any business, one needs to understand the needs of the business. For example, one needs to know what kind of website they plan to host online – an ecommerce portal, a blog, or a news website as this determines the expected traffic and how robust the host infrastructure should be. The set goals and objectives will determine how much storage space, bandwidth, and the money to be invested in getting a suitable plan. 

How to Determine the Best Web Hosting Provider?

To determine the best provider, one needs to investigate the performance or claims in the following area:

  • Uptime: It is recommendable that a hosting provider should guarantee 99% uptime. Also, the location of the servers should be discussed.
  • Experience: The years the provider has been in operation should be used to determine their credibility.
  • Customers: The location and number of customers they serve should be an indicator of what to expect.
  • Online reviews and testimonials: These should give a more factual idea of the company’s reputation.
  • Support: Before buy web hosting package one should consider whether the company has a well-trained customer service to assist you.
  • Related Products: The best choice for a web hosting provider be a company that is offering other related web service products such as security, back up services, and email. Having all these services offered by the same provider helps one reduce the time coordinating different providers.
  • Mobile access: The best package would allow one to access the control panel from a mobile device on the go.

Available Web Hosting Options

There are numerous ways to host a website:

Shared Hosting: For small companies and blogs that are just starting, shared hosting represents the best option to start with. It is also the most affordable hosting option as the server space is shared with other sites. It is simple and easy to use. On the other hand, due to space sharing any form of overload with another site may cause your website to slow down. Also, one has minimal control over the servers.

WordPress Hosting: In case a person has a WordPress blog or a website, it is best if you consider this type of hosting package as it optimized to cater to a WordPress website.

Reseller Hosting: If a person wants to venture into the hosting business, they should purchase a reseller hosting which will enable them to rent out or re-sell the same hosting services that the parent hosting company offers. With this hosting package, it is possible to upsell every other web service offered by the parent web host.

Dedicated Host: This type of package gives you complete/administrative control of one’s server with full root control. It is possible to install any software and store any file you might deem necessary. This represents the best package if one wants to customize anything.

VPS Hosting: It can be described as a stronger, higher, and a better version of shared hosting. The server is usually shared, but the resources assigned are not shared. Due to the sharing, it is more affordable, and it represents the best package for businesses that experience high traffic. For the best web hosting India, one should look no further than https://www.hostingraja.in.

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