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Talking about Colostrum with Dr. Sarah Rahal, M.D., the founder of armra.

What issue is resolved by armra?

Our health is suffering as a result of modern living. Compared to 1.6% in the 1960s, nearly 54% of children today have a diagnosis of a chronic illness. Over the past 50 years, around 90,000 new compounds have been put into use, yet only about 1% of them have undergone safety testing.

The prevalence of chronic illnesses has skyrocketed in recent years. Our genes did not suddenly change; rather, the modern environment—which has changed quickly—is to blame for these health problems. Unprecedented levels of pollutants in the air we breathe, pesticides and anti-nutrient ingredients in our food, as well as unregulated and dangerous chemicals in our daily bodies and home care products. They promote inflammation, which leads to an increase in autoimmune disorders, allergies, digestive troubles, obesity, mental fog, bloating, sleep disturbances, and skin problems. The environment we live in today was not intended for human survival, even though our bodies were.

A pure preparation of bovine colostrum is called armra Colostrum Immune Revival. It is one whole food ingredient that comes from family-run U.S. dairy farms that raise cows on grass. We use our patent-pending Cold-Chain BioPotentTM Technology to utilise this product, which naturally includes more than 200 functional and bioactive elements from bovine colostrum. These are unique nutrients found only in colostrum, not in any other natural source. We guarantee an ideal fit with human physiology while preserving them in their purest and most bioavailable form. By fortifying the immune system throughout the body, armra Colostrum creates a strong barrier that protects against inflammation as well as common toxins and pollutants that pose a health risk. Taking armra provides your body with a plethora of nutrients, including strong prebiotics that support your entire microbiome, a variety of peptides and antibodies that fortify your immune system, and dozens of antioxidants and bioactive molecules that optimise your body’s cellular pathways for overall health benefits.

Restoring fundamental health with armra is a one-stop shop that also ignites metabolism, improves digestion and immunity, and boosts both physical and mental fitness.

How can colostrum improve our daily life or the state of the world?

When the body gets the right nutrition, it can mend itself quite effectively. I recognised a chance to use an old superfood well suited for the job of addressing the health issues presented by the contemporary environment. For about $1 per day, a safe, efficient, and easily available tool that might significantly improve the health of anyone who used it—adult, kid, or newborn. The societal impact might be enormous at scale.

Entrepreneur Sarah Rahal, M.D.

How did the founder come to be?

As a doctor, I specialise in environmental health and functional medicine. I worked for the majority of my career as a paediatric neurologist in New York, where I specialised in treating children’s headache and facial discomfort, before starting armra. I discovered the concerning impact the modern world played during this time, as I struggled with my own gut health concerns and witnessed the rise in chronic disease in young children.

I created armra with the goal of providing everyone with an easy-to-use tool that will enable them to live life to the fullest and significantly enhance their basic health. For thousands of years, Ayurveda, or sacred food, and traditional eastern medicine have utilised bovine colostrum as a supplement because of its revolutionary health effects. More than five thousand research publications support the clinical effectiveness of colostrum.

In addition to bringing colostrum to a wider audience, my objective was to create a product that was both suitable for human health and of the greatest purity. Cold-Chain BioPotent Technology, a patented low-temperature technique developed by armra, preserves all of the delicate bioactive elements in colostrum in their most pure and accessible form while eliminating the dairy products that are unnecessary for human use. All that’s left is the cleanest and strongest colostrum concentrate on the market, which independent studies have demonstrated provides 32% more antibacterial immune protection than other colostrums. It is a full food that is safe to eat and can be simply included into any person’s daily routine, regardless of age. The core of our innovation is safeguarding the integrity of colostrum, an ingredient that Mother Nature has spent millions of years perfecting for health. We appreciate the knowledge inherent in the raw, natural product rather than overengineering it, as so much tech in the industry is now focused on doing.

How did the concept for armra come to you?

of my medical practice, I was seeing firsthand the explosion of chronic diseases over the past few decades, just as I had read about in the literature. Together with my patients and the months-long waiting list, I was living it every day. Meanwhile, I was dealing with severe health issues of my own, for which even the most knowledgeable medical colleagues could only provide Band-Aid solutions.

During my research, I found that colostrum is a natural whole food that contains more than 200 unique peptides, antibodies, growth factors, whole-food prebiotics, trace minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and bioactive molecules. These nutrients have the ability to fortify the body’s defences against modern exposures, which I have learned are extremely harmful, and to restore health at this fundamental level. Colostrum has been linked to numerous health advantages, as evidenced by over 5,000 study publications. Why isn’t this known to everyone, I wondered?

armra Evaluations

What aspects of armra are most adored by clients? How do they put it?

The reaction from clients has been tremendous. In fact, the adoption of the product soared, and we could hardly maintain the product in stock long enough to fulfil demand. As a result, we’ve sold out five times and faced difficulties in the beginning as we were scaling the business.

Because armra Colostrum targets a fundamental route in the body, many customers start taking the product for a specific health issue, like bloating. However, what our customers appreciate most is that they discover significant benefits in so many other aspects of their health—sometimes unexpectedly. Consumers report significant improvements in their mood, energy levels, sleep quality, and digestion as well as weight loss, improved exercise levels, and—most importantly—strong anti-aging effects on their skin and hair growth. An increasing number of our customers are now posting pictures of themselves with grey hair going back to its natural colour.

I urge everyone to read the testimonies on our website as they never cease to amaze and humble me! Every day, our customers teach me more about armra’s capabilities.

Where is armra available?

You may find out more about armra’s functionality, the research that went into its creation, how to buy it, and user reviews by visiting

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