All You Need To Know About Drive Shaft, Their Function, And How To Choose Them

All You Need To Know About Drive Shaft, Their Function, And How To Choose Them

magine going drag Racing and riding your car on a circle track at hundred miles per hour, and the car before you suddenly go out of control due to CV driveshaft issues. Generally, people never give enough attention to the CV shaft and take it for granted until such Failure occurs. It is during this time that they wonder whether it was an issue with the Yolk, u-joint Failure. This article gives you all the information you need to know in regard to CV drive shafts, their functions and how to select them. There are several critical factors that should be kept in mind when choosing a CV driveshaft for your car and this depends upon the material used in the drive shaft, the length of the drive shaft, the weight of the car, engine power, rpm Range, weight of the drive shaft and several others.

The power is transferred from the car’s transmission to the rear with the help of the CV drive shaft. Over the years, CV drive shaft made from mild steel has been popularly used. There has been rapid progress and growth in regard to the evolution of CV driveshafts. In recent years, driveshafts made up of aluminium and carbon fibre is generally found in passenger cars and light duty trucks. The main advantage is that it saves on weight, runs on horsepower and is capable of good acceleration rate.

Generally, a drive shaft that is short in length is less prone to failure when compared to the long CV shafts. This is due to the fact that with an increase in speed, the long CV shafts fail as a result of the whipping tendency and damages the entire structure of the engine. If one chooses a long CV shaft, then it is also critical to ensure that it has a large diameter, is heavy and tubing that gives more strength. It is also important to check for other components of a drive shaft which includes the yokes, u-joint and other parts.

There are also Universal joints available in the market in various series and sizes that range from the smallest to the largest. Some of them are popular with circle track race cars while others are widely used in race cars. Other series of u joints that are used on drive shafts are also compatible with a heavy-duty transmission, heavy and full-bodied cars. The larger the u-joint, its diameter will be wider as well as it will have large bearing cups. Some of them come with grease fittings. It is important to choose the right u- joint and other components of the drive shaft based on the car transmission and the rear ends.

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