Brandi Worley

Brandi Worley Killed Her Two Children After Her Husband Asked For A Divorce.

brandi worley killed her two children, Tyler and Charlee, in the family home on November 17, 2016, one day after her husband Jason Worley asked for a divorce. Jason was sleeping in the basement while Brandi repeatedly stabbed their kids in the neck and then stabbed herself.

Worley called 911 and told them, “I just stabbed myself and killed my two kids.” Brandy’s mother showed up after Brandi called her. When the children’s grandma started to scream, Jason was sleeping in the basement. Brandi said to Jason, “Now you can’t take the kids away from me,” but she didn’t show any emotion.


Jason and brandi worley‘s marriage had seen some difficulties in the past. The couple decided against breaking up for the benefit of their children.
The final straw for Jason came when he discovered Brandi had been having an extramarital affair with their neighbour. After Jason blogged on Reddit about how his wife’s infidelity wounded his heart, he and Brandi decided to get a divorce. He received divorce advice from a lot of Redditors.

The idea that her husband would leave her was intolerable to Brandi. She left for dance practice with Charlee in the morning and returned home in the late afternoon. She told Jason that she had to go get some pipe cleaners when she saw him. Instead, she went shopping and purchased a razor-sharp fighting knife.

She left for home after Jason and the kids had gone to bed. Charlee and Tyler were both fatally stabbed in the necks by Brandi after she rushed upstairs. She then attempted to murder herself by turning the knife on herself, but she lacked the necessary strength.

After that, Brandi made a very ominous 911 call.

After that, Brandi called her mother, who immediately arrived at the Worley residence. Jason, who was sleeping downstairs, didn’t understand that something terribly horrible had happened until Brandi’s mother began screaming. Jason was informed by Brandi in a calm manner that “You can’t take the kids away from me.”

When authorities and emergency personnel arrived on the scene, they discovered the two dead kids. The bodies were discovered in Charlee’s bedroom next to a bloody battle knife, wrapped in blankets. Brandi had a wound on her neck from a knife and was sitting calmly in the living room.

Brandi expressed her desire to pass away with her children by her side to the rescue personnel. She was transferred to a local hospital, where she eventually recovered and was discharged.


After his wife brandi worley killed their children in a terrible way, the whole town of Darlington came together to help Jason and his family. At the Darlington Community Center, there was a funeral. On a GoFundMe page, people in the area raised $50,000 to help pay for it.

Tyler and Charlee Worley were put to rest in the Green-lawn Cemetery in Darlington.

brandi worley SENTENCING

After leaving the hospital, brandi worley was brought to the Montgomery County Prison and charged with two charges of murder. Brandi first pleaded not guilty to the murder charges in an effort to utilize insanity as a defense. She was told to undergo a mental evaluation and return the following year for a hearing to determine her competency.

Brandi made the decision to change her mind and confess to the killings before the hearing. She was given the opportunity to speak after her punishment, but she declined.

brandi worley killed her children, and she hasn’t shown any regret for it. Since being identified as having depression, she has lacked all emotion.

Judge Harry Siamas imposed a 120-year prison term on brandi worley. Everyone was looking for an explanation for the senseless killing of children, he claimed, and it was extremely uncommon for a mother to kill her own child. Sometimes there is no explanation, he said. Darkness pours into our hearts and minds and infects the entire world.

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