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Bubble Bratz’s Height, Weight, Looks, And Biography Were Shared To Only Fans

Maddie May is an American model, TikTok star, and OnlyFans star who is best known as bubble bratz. She became famous on TikTok by sharing funny and lip-syncing videos.

In addition to that, she is known for posting private things online, especially on OnlyFans.

A Career

bubble bratz used to work as a dancer and stripper in her hometown before she became famous. At that time, she tried to find other success by posting her photos and videos on social media.

So, she used Instagram to try to become well-known online. It was her work on that site in 2010 that got her noticed in this case. As a result, she went into the modeling business.

Take a trip through Hidden Things:

In her hometown, bubble bratz did something special before the digital highlight called her name. She started out as a dancer and a stripper, handling the entertainment business with courage. Unfortunately, Maddie had goals that were outside the norm, and she saw social media as the way to change.

bubble bratz‘S Height, Weight, and How He Looks

  • 161 cm (5’3″) in height
  • Weight: 110 pounds (50 kg)
  • Highlights: Brown hair
  • Colour of Eyes: Blue
  • Dimensions of the body: 36, 26, 38
  • US size 7 shoes

History of Boyfriends and Dating

Whether or not she is courting or not, her boyfriend is unknown. She has kept her relationships private from the general public.


An estimate of her net worth ranges from $300,000 to $1 million. Her several successful jobs as a model, social media star, creator of OnlyFans exclusive material, and more have contributed to her fortune.


  • She was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas, according to several media portrayals.
  • Maddie’s body is covered in tattoos.
  • She enjoys taking trips. For this reason, she shares content on her social media accounts frequently, especially on Instagram.
  • She becomes a lingerie and swimwear trend mannequin while working as a model.
  • She enjoys hanging out on beaches.
    In addition to her lively posts on Instagram, she frequently uploads her pictures and videos to the OnlyFans account.
  • She was a stripper before becoming successful as a professional human actor and model.
    She requests that specific data on her birthday be provided.
  • She maintains a private website to further her reputation as an actress and mannequin in the entertainment business.

The violation

She had no idea, though, that body positivity would become such a big deal to her. When she first started using OnlyFans, guys would comment on her appearance and express disappointment or displeasure. May and her boyfriend were creating content at the moment, and he happened to have an eight-inch dick. “Well, I’m not going to sleep with you, but no, you don’t want to be eight inches,” I used to say.

Fans Only disclosed

Superstar of OnlyFans Maddie May had forty of her dildos scheduled for the day of our call. She informs me that today is “cleansing day.” She has collected one in just about every colour and size you can imagine. Her series has become so popular that she hardly ever sells them in traditional sexual supply stores. One of the only places she can find the realistic-looking dildos under 5 inches long that she’s seeking for is on Etsy.

In order to provide her viewers with clinically verified micropenises, she is currently searching for something smaller (though finding a toy that looks anatomically right is a challenge). She wants to produce adult content that appeals to all potential viewers, making people with all different dick sizes feel attracted to and desirous of them sexually. Even if it’s body-positive activism for May, it’s more than just a marketable area of interest.

May, also known as BubbleBratz, is a cute brunette who is 22 years old. She has 34G breasts, is 4-foot-11, and wears braces. She is one of OnlyFans’ most desired.01 percent, having built her fan base on TikTok due to the pandemic’s beginning after being unable to continue her career as a renowned dancer. She also found out she was pregnant just one week after lockdown started. Now that she is a mother of a toddler and faces a significant risk from COVID-19, OnlyFans has presented her with the best opportunity to earn money on her terms.

TikTok Fame

She does, however, estimate that she has spent about $5,000 on her collection of adult toys. Perhaps a wise investment, despite the fact that — With more than 340,000 Twitter followers and 880,000 TikTok followers, May has a steady stream of subscribers on her $12 monthly OnlyFans service. “I talk to these guys all day, and they say that seeing a woman in this position enjoy working with something their size has helped,” she explains. That makes perfect sense to me. I have always wanted to perform intercourse work, and I can now do it while elevating people’s self-perceptions.

In summary

One name stands out in the world of entertainment and social media: Maddie May, a.k.a. “bubble bratz.” This American phenomenon has shown herself to be a versatile talent, gaining notoriety as a unique content creator on the fascinating platform OnlyFans, as well as a charming model and TikTok virtuoso. A worldwide audience has been captivated by her captivating tale of self-reinvention and creative inquiry during her ascent to fame.

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