Choosing An Air Compressor For The Home: A Quick Guide

Air compressors can be very useful around the home and can become an essential tool in your DIY kit. They can be used for inflating tyres and toys as and when the need arises, as well as for operating air tools like staplers, which may be useful if you are a DIY enthusiast.

Overall, they are useful items to have around the house. However, choosing the right one can often be a challenge. Here are some of the main types of air compressors that are suitable for home use


Inflators are perhaps the most common type of air compressors found in the home. Their name gives away their main use, which is to inflate car tyres, toys, inflatable beds and anything else around the home.

You may invest in one of these to pump up your tyres and ensure that they are kept at the right pressure, and if you have children it can be very useful. These tend to be the cheapest types of air compressors for the home, and they can also be very portable, meaning you can take it out in the car with you.

The most important consideration when buying an inflator is its power. Inflators can range in the voltage they use. A lower-voltage model would be ideal for the car, whereas a higher-voltage model may be more suitable if you are keeping it at home, and the extra power will allow you to inflate things faster.

Single-Stage Compressors

A single-stage air compressor is a good bit of kit to have around the home. These are long lasting and reliable, and they are particularly suitable for people who have ongoing needs rather than just the occasional requirement to pump up an inflatable toy.

This is also good option if you have air tools and use them frequently in the home. They tend to range in power and are often more powerful than inflators. They also come in horizontal and vertical models, and some of them are portable, which is ideal if you want to use one in different locations.

Twin-Stack Compressors

Twin-stack air compressors comprise of two tanks, meaning you can store more air in them. They are ideal for more serious users who own various tools that require compressed air.

These come in a range of sizes. The smaller models tend to be cheaper, an they are also lighter and therefore more portable. However, they need to be used more often to maintain the air supply in the tanks

Find the Right Compressor for Your Home

If you are considering buying an air compressor for use around the home, think carefully about your requirements before you make a purchase. Look at the above three options and think about which one of these may be the most suitable for your needs, then find the most suitable model of air compressor to use around the house.

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