Easy Tips To Keep Your BMW Car Battery Last Longer

Easy Tips To Keep Your BMW Car Battery Last Longer

One of the most important components inside your car is its battery.


Well, due to the following reasons –

  • It offers the high voltage needed to run the starter motor of your car
  • It offers power to your ECU that controls the brakes
  • It offers power to your steering setup and
  • It also offers power to all the electronic components inside and even on the outside of your car.

The battery is especially important for BMW cars. Modern-day BMW cars come with a plethora of active as well as passive safety features. Furthermore, there are tons of convenience features as well such as the active parking assistance.

Now, if the battery of your BMW dies out or discharges frequently, it will not only render the car useless but will also make it hazardous both for you and for the people on the roads.

So what can you do to increase the life of the battery of your BMW car?

Well, you can implement the following tips –

You can always replace the troublesome battery

If the battery of your BMW car has been giving you trouble for a while, you should take your car to an authorized BMW dealer or a BMW-certified mechanic and get the battery replaced. Be sure that the replacement battery matches the technical specifications of the OEM battery in your car.

With that stated, if you have BWM battery replacement questions you can always get in touch with professionals and get answers.

Steer clear from aftermarket accessories

There is a reason why modern-day BMW cars last so long. These cars come pre-equipped with all the necessary and even some redundant features, as well as creature comforts.

Still, if you feel like making modifications in your BMW such as adding aftermarket headlights, ensure that the new ones match the wattage of the OEM parts. If that is not the case then install a relay before connecting the lights to the battery. It is the only way you can keep the battery from overloading.

Disconnect the battery if your car is going to sit in the garage for a while

On any given day, the battery of your BMW discharges at a rate of one per cent. Hence, if you leave your car sitting idle in your garage for a week or more, it is best to disconnect the battery.

If that is not feasible for you, then attach the battery of your car to a trickle charger. It is an effective way to keep the battery in its prime condition.

Your BMW car battery will only last long if you take good care of the whole vehicle. Be sure to take your car to the mechanic for periodic maintenance and tune-ups, for the best results.

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