Why Technical SEO Is Important Nowadays

Why Technical SEO Is Important Nowadays

If you want to make your online project a successful one then you should have a good SEO strategy in your mind which covers both On-page and technical SEO issues for your website. 

So I would suggest it would be best for you to carry out a detailed technical SEO audit for your website or you can take the help of a website audit expert for this. 

An audit can help you find out the real glitches plus you’ll be able to find if your website is crawled by search engine crawlers and indexing of your WebPages is proper or not. There are a number of SEO experts who give a green signal to technical SEO now and are looking for this in longer terms. 

The question now arises is how you can make sure that your website is sounding good in terms of technical SEO and all your technical SEO elements are on point. 

As per Burr Reedy “SEO is like accounting. For complicated stuff, we need to hire a professional.” 

And if you do not figure out on time what your website is exactly lacking down in race with your competitors then there will be chances that you‘ll never catch them ever. So better be on time rather than late. 

Search engines crawling and indexing is complicated and not easily understandable, if they do not find the right stuff on your website,  they will move on. 

Good content is important but if you are not searchable enough then there is no use of good content. So make sure all your technical SEO aspects are on point.

Technical SEO is basically the structure of your website. Just take an example, you have a million-dollar content and everyone is keen to read it but just then your web page took 10 seconds time to load and every second will cost you losing hundreds of users, and your website bounce rate increases.

You are losing the traffic just because your website is not good in technical SEO terms. 

This is just one example and one point about technical SEO and still, there are N no of technical SEO points that are taken care of by technical SEO professionals

The Points Covered Under Technical SEO 

Preferred Domain

This means that if you want your domain to be with www or without www in Google or other search engines. From the very start of your website, make sure you update Google about the preferred domain (or canonical domain) of your website otherwise it always takes them as two different websites that are not good as per SEO point of view. 

URL Structure

Now you need to plan about our website tree and how your website URL structure will be. When it comes to SEO, proper URL structure helps the search engines to understand the website plus it is good from a user experience point of view. 

Website Navigation

Your website flow also matters how you interconnect all the WebPages so that they are easily accessible by the user’s matters lot. And for that, you need to define the navigation structure of your website. 

Website Speed

The speed of your web page is the first thing you need to cover while looking into technical SEO concerns of your website. Eliminating unused elements and minification of code can optimize your web page speed. 

XML Sitemaps

This is one of the best ways to let search engines index your website and get into a race with your competitors. 


It is the Robots exclusion protocol. It defines the search engine what to crawl and what to not. You can restrict pages, archives, images, and categories from crawling with the help of this tool. 

Structured Data

The structured data or schema helps webmasters and site owners to communicate with engine bots. 

Mobile-First Indexing

The majority of internet users use Mobile for their daily use, so search engines like Google have given preference to mobile-first indexing. Mobile Indexing is dependent on amazing UX design, speed, and use of HTTPS. 

So now you have an idea of why technical SEO is a big buzz in the SEO industry. Hope you find this article helpful. You can comment down below for your feedback. 

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