ELSS – The Best Tax Saving Investment Option

There are several products to make the investment. Most of the investors will look for an investment option that brings a decent rate or return at the same time of working as a tax saving instrument. Here comes the role of ELSS (Equity Linked Savings Scheme). This special type of equity fund brings tax benefits up to Rs. 1,50,000. There are several factors that make this product the hot pick of investors.

Select the best mutual fund

This is the first tip for the investors who search for interesting information on how to invest in elss. There are several types of mutual funds to select from. Present companies have designed plans to meet the requirements and expectations of the present customers to win the tight competition. Even though you can purchase mutual funds directly, it is a good idea to make use of professional service. This is the best way to get suggestions in selecting the right mutual fund based on the budget.

Select the right plans

There are mainly two important types of investment plans to select from. One is one-time investment and other is systematic investment plans. ELSS provides you with a systematic investment plan. Under this plan, you can invest a fixed amount every month instead of investing a single lump sum amount just as in one-time investment plan. Most of the investors prefer to select ELSS product with systematic investment plans.

Make use of online platforms

Do you hate the tiring paper works? Then, it is better to make use of the online platform. There are reputed online ELSS portals to make the entire process completely free from any paper works. Everything from submission of KYC to the execution of orders takes place online to save your time and effort. These portals provide you with the list of best ELSS to select from in accordance with the previous performance.


Select the online portal who provide the services without charging any of the commissions. Such portal sells you the direct mutual fund apps at zero commission. This helps you get quality services free from commissions. You will also get reliable advice on making the investment really worth in terms of returns.

Secure and private

You need complete privacy and security of data. Reputed online platform never discloses your details with any of the third parties for marketing without your consent. The data will be kept confidential in highly secured online portals. They provide you with an online account to manage your portfolio at any time you wish.

Time to make investment

So these are the important tips that help you make the selection of ELSS really easy. Investment for the future is certainly an important factor to consider to make life secured even after retirement. Present companies are well aware of the expectations of the present generation and hence deliver ELSS funds with a lower lock-in period of 3 years.

Now you better know how to invest in elss. Visit the best online ELSS service provider of the country to make your investment on one of the mutual fund sitting at the comfort of your home.

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