How Do You Know You Are Choosing The Correct Overnight Delivery Service?

Overnight delivery services

Overnight delivery Services, during an advertisement of an overnight shipping service, an announcer proudly announces ‘When it definitely and positively has to be delivered there overnight.’ But for thousands, the million dollar question remains if the mail is truly delivered overnight.

The answer is both Yes as well as No.

Logistic Strategies of Overnight Delivery

Overnight delivery policies and prices might differ from various carriers to carriers, but most of them share just one thing in common -time frames within which overnight packets could be delivered fluctuate to a large extent. Factors, like when the packet was handed to their shipping representative, could largely affect if important mail is sent out before the close of business hours.

For example, if you were to take a packet to the Overnight delivery services center of your choice prior to noon, your packet will be in transit and might arrive at your destination the next day. If anyhow, you get the packet in near the time of closing, the packet might be placed in transit but will not be guaranteed to be delivered the following day.

Now, with regards to this terminology ‘overnight’ could be a bit misleadin

As in our earlier illustration, if a packet arrives at a overnight delivery services center early enough and is designated as an overnight shipment, it will immediately be routed in the overnight bin for urgent delivery. This means that it will really be en-route to its destination that very same day. If it arrives late in the evening, most probably after 3 PM, then the packet will be placed on a mail freight air service and in rare cases, this air cargo would ship out in the same evening.


Various Types of Overnight Delivery Services

Just as there are various different mail carrier services, there are also various kinds of overnight delivery packets.  Depends upon what you require to accomplish, the price of the express service might be quite expensive.

Critical Overnight Express Service

There are some packets which definitely have to be delivered on time and in many instances, like with emergency medical supplies, it could literally be a critical matter of life or death itself. With critical overnight shipments, packets could be guaranteed to reach there the very following day to all the states, and in many cases worldwide. This is because of the service offers a special air carriage 365 days a year and 7 days a week. Most other logistic services only operate during business week days.

International shipping options are also available although, depending upon where the delivery destination location is, it might not exactly reach there in time.

Consequent Day AirDispatch

By tie-up with commercial airlines, following day air packets could be delivered to any of the major cities. Using the modern day logistic management technology, such as route optimization technology, shipments could be safely and promptly delivered in time whenever applicable. Next day air delivery is a cost effective way of reaching shipments to the right location but also carries an even lesser degree of delivery guarantee than that of critical overnight.

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