How To Change Your Life With Just An Idea

Imagine for a moment that you’ve just arrived in London after a long flight.  The sky is that typical shade of grey when the wind decides to nip across from the northeast, and you almost have to hug yourself to keep your teeth from chattering.  Any discomfort you feel doesn’t last for long though.

Within moments a valet has delivered your shiny sports car and waits holding the door for you.  As you settle into the warmth and comfort of the interior, you find it hard to stop the grin from spreading across your face.

As you nudge the accelerator, you revel in the throaty growl the engine gives in response, and pull away from the curb to make the journey into the city.

Arriving at a swish five star hotel in the city, you are greeted by name, and staff are falling over themselves to serve you.  No need to check in, the concierge instantly comes to meet you and personally hands you the key to your luxury suite, assuring you that everything has been made ready for your arrival.

It all sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?  Well that is a dream that millionaire businessmen like Reuben Singh are able to live every day.  And the amazing thing is that it’s not impossible that you can do the same.

Sure, you’re probably thinking that I’m winding you up here, but the reality is that all you need to move up in the world is a good idea and the determination to make it succeed.  That’s how Singh made over 20 million pounds in less than four years when he started his Miss Attitude retail chain.

It wasn’t magic, it wasn’t some arcane secret, and it wasn’t even relying on the wealth of his family to make it happen.  It was simply having a great idea, and being determined to succeed with that idea.

Then of course, like any sensible person would do, when the business was at the very peak of success, he sold it.  In doing so, he set a record as the youngest self-made millionaire, and proved once and for all that being young doesn’t necessarily mean being naïve or immature.

How could you do something like this?  Well you have to start by thinking about need.  Find something that people need (or at least really want) and then figure out how to sell it to them.  After this, work out what you are going to do to add value to what you are selling to give you a competitive edge in the market.

Another business created by Reuben Signh, an outsourcing company titled AlldayPA, is an excellent example.  First the need is identified—busy entrepreneurs in the modern global market need a 24-hour presence in the market, and AlldayPA gives them this.

Then comes the selling, and AlldayPA provides a flexible range of payment options.

Finally there is the matter of adding value, and this is achieved by offering a top class service that completely replaces the need for hiring a real PA to handle your customer relationships.

Bring these concepts to your idea, and you should have a great chance of success.

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