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How To Respond To Google Reviews Of Your Business

Opinion is a very popular way for people to decide if they want to engage themselves in business. When people want to know more about a product, the company, and the service, reviews allow them to get an idea of what to expect. Although businesses give you a detailed description of what they do, what products they serve and what they want to accomplish as a team, most of the time it is over exaggerated. Of course, no company wants to talk bad about themselves and drive customers away, but they do leave out the catches and only tell people what they want to hear. Even though a company may be telling the truth about everything good they have, no company is 100% Perfect. Reviews give people an honest and real perspective of the business or product whether it’s good or bad. It helps give them a preview on how the company does business. Therefore companies that have reviews available will most likely gain trust with new customers compared to a business that does not.

What Is The Best Platform For Business Reviews?

Yelp is one of the most popular websites for business review for people to use. It doesn’t really matter what kind of business it is, any company can get an opinion about their business on the internet. Although Yelp is a very popular review platform, Google review is one of the best and most useful review websites. Google has there own review website on Google named Google My Business, and it is the number one review site for any person to put there a pleasant or unpleasant experience with a company. It is, of course, available internationally, but gets almost 160 million traffic just in the United States alone. The reason it is noticed as the top best review site is because it’s very easy and convenient to use. Google makes it extremely simple to put a review for a website since it is also a very powerful search engine.

Responding To Dissatisfied and Negative Reviewer

When a business decides to respond to a google review or any review website, it is important for them to stay professional as possible. It is understandable that some customers and reviewers are just plain mean and disrespectful, but it is vital to stay positive and caring even when people are harsh. Business is business, and it should not be mixed with personal feelings and responding in an argumentative/aggressive way. If someone puts in the negative review a problem with the company, it is a great idea to start the response with “dear customer, I’m very sorry for the inconvenience you witness with our company… “ and then communicate to the person how the problem will be solved.

How Can Businesses Improve Their Ratings?

Asking for advice from customers is the smartest way to improve a business’s rating. requesting ratings from customers also shows people that the company cares about improving and cares about people in general. It also helps gives businesses an idea of what they might be doing wrong and point out problems they might not have noticed themselves. As we all know, one million brains are better than one, so getting thousands of opinions from different points of view allows for companies to see what they’re doing right and what they’re not doing wrong. In fact, looking for the negative ratings is going to help businesses even more because it helps them see what areas the company struggling in. Even though criticism can hurt, taking criticism, learning from it and finding a resolution for the problem will dramatically make a positive difference in the businesses performance.

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