Is Crypto Still A Sound Investment?

It has certainly been an interesting year for those involved in finance, particularly investors who have been watching big changes come and go in the market. Stock news has been thriving since the beginning of the year with the Gamstop Short Squeeze and the other small stocks that were heavily invested in by internet retail traders, the launch, rise, and subsequent fall of the NFT options that are still floating around, and of course news around different crypto options. Different decentralized currencies have become a focus given the potential adoption in more mainstream choices with initial hopes for the likes of TESLA, although seemingly more useful for online platforms as many of the biggest services at amongst others have found a more useful home – for the individual though, is crypto still a sound investment given the rocky period over this past year?

For some, now is the perfect time to get investing – the biggest of the coins, Bitcoin, recently found another huge drop after having peaked at nearly $70,000 earlier this year, it has seen quite a significant dip in the past month at a bit of a low of nearly $50,000. The change comes as continued talks begin around regulation and the best way to monitor the biggest crypto options – the biggest are still up for the year, with the former seeing a 40.67% increase over the past six months at the time of writing this and 73.35% for YTD change, but does this still mean these big options are a sound investment?

It’s certainly a tough one – options for spending different decentralized currencies is still a bit rocky and major businesses are still on the fence about accepting it as a payment form, this will likely remain to be the case until something solid is put in place to help manage transactions and prevent things like fraud which has been a big concern with EU lawmakers looking to increase tracking on all events of crypto trading – it’s undeniable that the biggest options are here to stay for quite some time though, and whilst there’s still volatility in pricing it does seem, at least for now, pretty solid. There’s always the risk of a huge drop to record lows as seen back in July, but for many invested it’s just par for the course, and have become accustomed to the possibility too.

With that being said, the big options are still very much out of reach for the regular trader, and the further down the totem pole traders look, the more volatile the coins get – whether price swings multiple times per day, or coins just disappear altogether – getting in on the right coin at the right time can certainly be a sound financial choice, but is it prudent? It seems that’s a question for the resolve of those holding on for the long haul.

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