Is Digitization Really Ruling The World?

Digitization has unquestionably enhanced our everyday life in all aspects. Like no individual including me and you, or talking about any organization or business can’t escape from its impact. Right from the very beginning when we were apes and then evolved into humans, we are continuously witnessing the rise and new innovations in technology. Whether from the invention of fire to the introduction of wheels, we humans have done something new and innovative.

In the past couple of years, it is seen that digitization is controlling every area of the industry lifestyle, food, travel, and entertainment. For instance, let’s talk about how easily and quickly without leaving our comfort zone we can book our latest movie or flight tickets online by using various apps.

Not only this but now digitization is also dominating the embroidery industry too. Earlier embroidery was only confined to traditional methods like hand-stitching of ivory beads, patches, etc., which was a bit complicated and time-consuming task. But now with the advent of technology in embroidery software, it has undergone a great change. From just a hand-sewn task to now being converted into a digital task, was only made possible because of embroidery digitizing software and machinery. So just thanks to embroidery digitizing for its great invention.

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What Do You Exactly Mean By Digital Embroidery Digitizing?

When software is used to convert an artwork or handmade painting or an image into a digital file format. Making it easier for a machine to understand and the needle will move accordingly on the assigned path as coded in the file to embroider/print that artwork. This whole process is known as embroidery digitizing. Also, you can use top techniques to improve embroidery digitizing.

Does Being A Digitizer Require Any Kind Of Artistry?

No, without any of this or that the answer is No. It is like tracing or following the path with a new pattern of stitching. Everyone is creative in some way, you just need to understand or trigger your hidden creativity and you will see that in no time you can easily digitize so many beautiful things like caps, hats, shirts & jackets, and so on.

But there are a few basic steps you just need to follow so that your embroidery appears picture-perfect.

  • Understand what the client is asking for, design, fabric, and any special artwork.
  • Prepare a rough artwork that you want to digitize.
  • Start plotting a picture in your mind of how your design will run on embroidery machinery.
  • While assigning specific embroidery patterns of stitching, you must take some factors into the consideration like fabric types & the shape of the garment.
  • Now test the uniqueness of your embroidery design to see whether any changes are required or not.

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