What the World Would Be Like If Embroidery Digitizing Didn’t Exist?

Have you ever imagined a sky without stars, a sea without water, life without food, nope right? Yes, these things are hard to imagine or you can say it’s just a metaphor. As the flow of blood in our nerves is necessary for our body to work, that’s how technology has made its space in our life.

Now we cannot be seen differently and apart from technology as it’s a part of our daily routine. Everything is digitized right from when our day starts as we watch the time in a digital clock and use mobile phones to call someone and even equipment in a car everything is technologically equipped. This conversation on technology can go very far, so here in this blog, we will talk about embroidery digitizing and its necessity.

What is embroidery digitizing?

A process of converting an artwork or a drawing into a digital file so that the machine can understand what and how to draw on a piece of garment and the needle will move accordingly on the path coded in that file. Remember every machine has its own specification of embroidery file that it can understand to stitch. And different embroidery machines used different file formats.

Where can we see embroidery digitizing?

From T-Shirts to carpets and from towels to hankey’s we can witness digitized embroidery everywhere. Patterns nowadays printed digitally cannot be made with hands. Machines have now established their place in the embroidery world and humans now are sitting on a back seat just to supervise the working of an embroidery machine.

Features of  embroidery being digitized

Everything we do or anything which is a part of our daily life comes with its own merits and demerits and it has impacted our life in any of the ways. Below let’s discuss some of the benefits and features which we get from embroidery digitizing:-

Quality If you are making a product and investing a huge amount of money on machines to make your result stand out tall in the market then providing quality to the customers should be your major concern. Embroidery done digitally gives you quality work that cannot be achieved with hands.

Saves your time- By the time a human hand can embroider one product but the machine can finish with five of them. It is obvious that as compared to human work, machines do that work faster and more efficiently. So it saves a lot of time and effort. As there is a famous quote that “time is money-money is everything”.

EconomicalIf technology is saving your time that means it can save your money too. Most of the work is done with machines so there is no need for extra labour which means no extra pay and no extra labour charges.

AccurateMistakes can be only expected when the command is not given correctly and there is any defect in a machine. Hence the embroidery done digitally is without any flaws and is very helpful when to be done on any piece of cloth.

We at Megri digitizing provide you with all the above-mentioned things, we thrive to give our customers the best quality. We work with the latest technology and the best digitizers in this industry work with us to supervise the machines. So without any second thought, you can rely on us to get your product getting embroidered in the best way possible.

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