Labour Laws In UAE For Injury At Work

If an employee faces injury at his workplace in UAE, all the charges should be bored by the company itself through medical insurance. If the employees do not have medical insurance, the company will be held liable for all the medical charges.

UAE labour law is very vast and extensive both at the same time. Understanding it completely may not be easier for a number of people. This is the reason why labour lawyers in the UAE provide their state-of-the-art services in order to help people in understanding their rights and duties as well. People can also take help from labour lawyers like HHS Lawyers.

If an employee gets injured at his workplace, the company bear all the charges of his medicines until he gets recovered. Most of the company employees have their medical insurances which make it easy for them to handle the medical expenses in case of an injury. If not, the company is held responsible for bearing all the losses as per labour law in UAE

By consulting the Dubai labour lawyers in UAE, People get to be on the safe side. This is because they let them know their actual rights which help them in taking an action if anything happens beyond the legal boundaries.

Transportation Fees

When someone is ill, he has to go to the doctor or his clinic or whatsoever. For going to the doctor, it takes transportation. Transportation requires money. For an injury at the workplace, the company itself bears the charges of transportation that is required for the medical treatment of the person.

Compliance with UAE Labour Laws for Injury at work

No matter what type of a company is operating in UAE, it must comply with the UAE labour law. If not all of it, at least minimum requirements of the UAE labour law should be obliged.

If the employees suffer from an injury or disease, the employer should call the police as soon as possible and should also notify the labour department about the incident. This is important because the police will carry out the investigation of the matter and will interview all the concerned parties. In this way, it will try to establish the cause of the incident and any blames as well.

Wages in case of Injury

If the employee who gets injured becomes unable to go to work, he must get paid from the employer. Also, if the employee gets unable to perform the tasks that he used to in the past, the employer should pay him the allowable in the shape of his full wage until or unless the treatment continues.

The allowance can either be paid for the time period when the treatment is being done or for about 6 months. The allowance will get reduced if the recovery period extends from that of six months or gets disabled permanently or dies.

For the case of permanent disability, the compensation is presented from the guidance of the government of the state in UAE, same is the case with the loss of limb or any other body part.

If the employee loses his or her toe in the accident at the workplace, the payment will not be as high as that of 5% disability.

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