Matthew Martino’s No.1 Rule Of Business

He is known to some as a film producer or the aviation enthusiast behind pilots manual Let’s Fly but Matthew C Martino is one of UK’s most hard to please entrepreneurs. Matthew’s business experience spans over five years, He began selling mobile phone accessories online and at a market stand in Romford before moving onto the corporate side, He co-founded private charter firm ‘F5 Air’ which went bust in 2011. He owns app design firm Matthew Martino Designs, Lets Fly Academy and holds shares in an unnamed News Group, He invests in film productions and he controls a vast land investment portfolio.

Martino shared his no.1 business tip with us and here it is

“Don’t allow room for deadwood in your business”

Martino told us ‘Its a very simple rule but people make the one mistakes which hangs them out to dry, Deadwood is something or someone who doesn’t push the business forward and who will always be more of a hindrance than a helping hand, You should never have such people around and you as the boss shouldn’t have deadwood in your blood, always aim high and go for the very top’

The 21year old entrepreneur has a valid tip for business people there, its important to equip yourself with the right team who are as motivated as you are about the business and to also have the right resources. Sometimes as the business owner or founder you could find yourself settling for less than the best and that’s ‘allowing room for deadwood’

We hope this tip from a young entrepreneur helped and join us again next week for more tips on how to become better at business and how to take your business from idea to execution.

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