Professional Coffee Grinding Techniques To Make A Great Cup Of Coffee

Coffee is one of the favorite beverages in the world. Coffee is enjoyed all throughout the world in different ways as per their taste preferences. A best cup of coffee can be determined from freshly ground coffee. The right way of grinding the coffee will enhance the flavor and texture of the coffee. Though there are many aspects which make a good cup of coffee, the best way is to grind the beans freshly right before brewing the coffee. There are many different types of the grinder available to grind the coffee, each one is used to get different brews.

Blade Grinders

These grinders are used to grind the fresh beans. But these grinders mostly slice the beans as the grinder uses blades which slice the beans instead of grinding the coffee. If the grinding is not done correctly the blades of the grinder will tend to heat and ultimately burn the coffee which changes the flavor of the coffee by bringing out the bitterness of the coffee. These grinders use specialized blades to grind the coffee. Pulsating method of grind is the best way of grinding the coffee in these types of grinders. These grinders are mostly used to powder the coffee finely.

Burr Grinders

Burr grinders are considered to be the best coffee grinder as this is widely used in all the coffee shops and other big establishments who serve good coffee. This grinder looks like there are two gears moving in a box. The out layer of the grinder has a blade in the form of a gear and in the center there is another blade in the form of another gear. The distance between these two blades determine the size in which coffee is going to be powdered. This method of grinding is used by Turkish people to grind and get the world famous Turkish coffee. These grinders can grind the coffee from coarse to finer powder.


This method is mostly used to get the traditional flavors of coffee like Arabic and Turkish coffee. In this method of grinding, the grinding is done by using a mortar and pestle. In this method even fine coarse powder can be obtained.
Roller Grinder

These types of grinders are mostly found in industries who prepare coffee powder on a large scale. These grinders are better than the burr grinders. This grinding is done by the method of crushing the coffee beans by using a large roller and the duration of the crushing will determine the size and texture of the coffee.

All these grinders help to grind the coffee in different forms of powder. There are three types of coffee powder which is obtained after the grinding of the coffee. They are large grain powder, then the course powder and the fine powder. The Big bit powder is used widely to get the right flavor. Course ground powders are used in the coffee shops which are loaded in the drip machines. The fine powder is most commonly used and is more affordable powder. This fine dust cannot be added in the coffee machine as it will clog the machine.

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